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Harish demands Rs10lakh ex gratia to auto driver’s family

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BRS MLA Harish Rao reacted to the suicide of auto driver couple in Nizamabad. Swamy (45) allegedly strangled his wife Devalakshmi (40) and later hanged himself due to financial crisis.
He regretted that the Congress government was not moved by the heartbreaking incident of auto driver who ended his life along with his wife as he was upset that the auto was not running.
“Who is responsible for the future of that child who has lost his parents and become an orphan?”, Harish said. He asked who would give assurance. They demanded that the state government should immediately respond and announce an ex gratia of Rs.10 lakh.
In an audio message reportedly left by him on his phone, he stated that he was under great stress as he was not able to earn much due to the introduction of free bus rides for women.
Harish Rao expressed anger that the government is not responding at least to auto workers committing suicide in the state. He urged the government to solve the problem of life of auto divers without neglect. 12,000 salary should be announced. He appealed to the auto brothers to be brave and not to take hasty actions.

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