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Renuka backs demand for Kamma corporation

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Stating that Kammas are known for perseverance, Rajya Sabha Member Renuka Choudhary said that perseverance is very important nowadays. She said that a Kamma Corporation is very much needed for Kammas in times of drought like the one now.
Renuka had a meeting with representatives of the State Kamma Sangham on Thursday at her residence.
She said that she strongly believes that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy will do justice to Kammas and that the Kammas are a community that will take other communities along with them.
She said that former Chief Minister NTR brought recognition to Telugus and that many had thought that she was a daughter of NTR. Even BRS leader KCR named his son as Taraka Rama Rao, she added.
The Rajya Sabha MP said that there are many farmhands in the Kamma community and so there is a need to set up a Kamma Corporation. Putting up statues after death will not help anyone, but helping people is permanent, she said.
She asked Kamma Sangham representatives to explain to the people of AP how an anti-Kamma leader who is ruling AP is targeting Kammas.

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