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How to stay hopeful when facing infertility

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It can be an emotional and stressful process to undergo fertility treatments. These emotions were felt by Dr. KrishnaPriya, but she tells The Pioneer that she isn’t scared to discuss them candidly.

Meet Dr. KrishnaPriya, a woman whose path to motherhood took her through many unanticipated detours. She happily got married in 2011 and had aspirations of soon starting a family. She had no idea how difficult parenthood would be for her.
Dr. KrishnaPriya had to confront the painful truth of infertility after three years of eager anticipation. Numerous tests, including the HSG test, gynecologist visits, and stress-reduction strategies, failed. She and her doctor were perplexed by the inexplicable failures of three intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments that resulted in disappointment, despite seemingly positive health indications!
In our latest feature article, the physician sheds light on the following: “One day, while perusing Facebook, I happened to come across an advertisement. I was depressed about a different strategy after trying everything without much luck to fulfill my ambition of becoming a mother. The advertisement appealed to my innate curiosity because it offered a comprehensive viewpoint on women’s health. I chose to watch a webinar because Dr. Aarati’s thoughts attracted me. Her genuine concern and sympathetic demeanour struck a deep chord with me. I experienced an inexplicable resurgence of hope after years of despair. I was ultimately inspired to take a risk and start this new journey towards parenthood by Gynoveda’s holistic approach.”
She was recommended to stay in bed because of her advanced age and the delicate nature of her pregnancy. She persisted in spite of the odds being stacked against her. She became pregnant at 37 years old, gave birth at 38, and came out of the experience holding a stunning miracle. “Keeping hope alive in the face of constant setbacks was undoubtedly a roller coaster of emotions. Every new endeavour would invariably be met with crushing disappointment after the first hope. Still, there was a burning longing inside of me to become a mother. This intense desire and my loved ones’ encouragement were the main sources of my resilience. They served as a continual source of support, reassuring me of my intrinsic worth and inspiring me to pursue my goals without giving up,” shared the interviewee.
“Disbelief and overwhelming joy were the first emotions that washed over me as I stared at the two pink lines on the pregnancy test,” she says, revealing more about her testimony. “It was a moment captured in time, the fruition of years of fervour, supplication, and endurance. At first, the news seemed nearly incredible, almost strange. I was in a state of shock and denial for the next week, checking the test often to be sure the life-changing truth was real. It was a potent reminder of the human spirit’s tenacity and the transforming potential of hope each time I saw it. During a crucial stage of pregnancy, rigorous bed rest offered its own set of difficulties! Undoubtedly, being confined was tough, especially with the mental and physical strain of the circumstances. But the continual expectation of finally holding my baby in my arms turned out to be a really effective incentive. My family’s assistance was also very helpful in getting over these difficulties.”
We learned of a lot more surprising turns during the conversation, like, “Being older shouldn’t stop you from becoming a mother. Though biological and societal influences might contribute to anxiety, it’s important to recognize that each woman’s journey is distinct. A healthy lifestyle, putting self-care first, and surrounding yourself with positive influences are the most crucial elements. Adopt a healthy, well-balanced diet full of vital nutrients, get regular, body-appropriate exercise, and make time for enjoyable and stress-relieving activities. Respecting your body’s natural rhythms and its innate knowledge are essential components of trusting the process! It’s about realising that conception and pregnancy are complex, individually paced processes.”

For her, the Gynoveda team was essential in the process of becoming pregnant. Compared to the conventional medical system she had previously experienced, their method was a pleasant change. “Experiencing my child’s developmental milestones, such as their first steps and words, makes me feel really proud and happy. We are constantly filled with wonder because of the unconditional love we share. I have a message of hope and encouragement for those who are struggling with infertility. Never forget that you are alone. Numerous women are dealing with comparable issues, and there is a helpful community available to provide support!”
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