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‘It is more comfortable to do a sitcom than a stand-up comedy show’

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Actress Nehha Pendse is all set to entertain her fans and audience with the second season of May I Come In Madam? speaks to The Pioneer  about letting go of the ‘star burden’, gaining immense popularity with the show, and more.
Nehha Pendse has consistently demonstrated her acting talent in the film and television industries. As she continues to win people over, the business is aware of her enormous love for acting! The gorgeous actress continued to deliver an outstanding performance in the television series May I Come In, Madam?, where she is most renowned for playing Sanjana Hiteshi. But the sitcom was taken off the air! However, there were plenty more reasons for us to speak with her, so let’s move forward.
The well-known Marathi drama star strikes up a happy conversation by stating, “It wasn’t a very long hiatus before returning to television. Furthermore, I don’t require an excuse to return to my own program (she laughs). We did, in fact, go off air. What use would it do to discuss it now that it was such a surprise?”
Taking a hint from one of her earlier interviews, the actress states, “I am fully aware that I am not solely accountable for the show’s success. I always have a pretty clear idea of that before I start shooting! I found it easy to let go of the “star burden” in this way. Besides, I wasn’t the only one who contributed to the show. Na season one mere vajah se chala tha, na season two meri vajah se ruka (It wasn’t only me that made the season 1 successful; it didn’t end because of me either). I don’t need to put myself under needless strain because I already have that clarity.”
She goes on to say, “May I Come In Madam? has undoubtedly made me extremely popular. I have a strong attachment to this show! However, I don’t think performing stand-up comedy was enjoyable for me. I don’t have that particular skill set; it’s completely different. Because I was paired with some of the best comedians in the nation, I was really anxious the entire time I was filming that reality show. That was definitely putting pressure on me! It is therefore more comfortable to do a sitcom than a stand-up comedy show.”
She blatantly admits that, in order to bounce back from any performance or movie, she needs time to herself. “It’s not even that I keep doing television series one after the other—that’s not my style. I don’t continue accepting roles just to get attention! I require time for personal rejuvenation. We overcommit to the shows as television artists, which can be a little stressful for us. And then, by taking lengthy vacations, we also overcompensate! However, there is a catch: in my spare time, I do Marathi films instead of television episodes.”
She talks with us about how the regional movie sector is changing as an insider in the Marathi film industry. “We are still a small film industry,” she said. “We undoubtedly had a fantastic 2023 run! However, hit movies aren’t always produced by our industry. Why the financiers are so hesitant to give us the budget is beyond me.”
Few people are aware that this talented actress was also well-known as a child artist, and it’s with this final note to our chat that she transports us back in time. Neha recalls it clearly, saying, “The workplace was really different. As a child, I used to be treated as the most important celebrity on the sets! The entire ambiance of the sets was heavily focused on family-like time. Every celebrity wants their own “me-time” these days, so you can see that there are no personal relationships on the set. There is literally zero communication. We used to host pao bhaji and bhel puri parties, but those days are long gone. Green rooms weren’t present. Additionally, it was advantageous to us because of the highly cohesive environment.”
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