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Huge rally marks Sribharat’s nomination filing event

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M Sribharat, the alliance candidate for the Visakhapatnam Parliament seat, formally filed his nomination here on Monday. The event, marked by a bustling crowd of supporters and party workers, saw Sribharat accompanied by his wife Tejaswini as they embarked on a rally from the election office on MVP Double Road to the Collectorate, where he submitted his nomination papers.
The event drew a bustling crowd of supporters and party workers, underscoring the enthusiasm surrounding Sribharat’s candidacy. Notable figures, including Visakha patnam TDP President Gandhi Babji and MLA contenders of the alliance such as Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu, Palla Srinivas, and PGVR. Naidu, Vamsikrishna Srinivas, and Vishnu Kumar Raku graced the gathering, further amplifying the momentum. The atmosphere resonated with chants of “Jai Balayya, Jai Jai Telugu Desam, Jai Bharat,” as supporters rallied behind the alliance candidate, showcasing unwavering support for his vision.
Addressing the crowd following the nomination, Sribharat emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive development in Visakha patnam. He highlighted pressing issues such as city pollution, inadequate infrastructure, and traffic congestion, pledging to prioritize addressing these concerns if elected. Sribharat outlined his vision for a “Healthy Visakhapatnam,” focusing on combating air pollution, particularly stemming from the port area. Additionally, he underscored the importance of fulfilling essential needs such as drinking water supply, improving road networks, upgrading the underground drainage system, and resolving traffic bottlenecks.
Expressing dissatisfaction with government inaction, Sribharat lamented the delay in critical projects like the metro rail, attributing it to neglect. He advocated for innovative solutions, including exploring avenues to leverage government properties to mitigate funding shortages. Further more, Sribharat urged educated citizens to actively engage in the electoral process, cautioning against the perils of voter apathy leading to the ascent of incompetent candidates. He stressed the significance of exercising the right to vote judiciously to ensure competent leadership and genuine progress for Visakhapatnam.

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