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Hyd tops in credit card/debit card cyber frauds

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Hyderabad is in first place in credit card and debit card frauds with 415 out of 1,117 incidents across other cities of the country. According to the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) 2022 data, State-wise, Telangana is in the top place with 795 incidents out of 3,357 across the country, followed by Bihar and Maharashtra.
The city is on top with 381 out of 1,070 incidents in 2021 also. Rupesh Mittal from Cyber Jagrithi Foundation said, “Most of the IT employees are from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, but somehow Bengaluru is better than other cities.
“Hyderabad is in the top place that does not mean other cities are in a better condition. I think many people do not know how to file a case. Though police and other organisations are campaigning on cyber crimes, people still somehow fall a prey. Most people do not take our campaigning seriously,” he added.
Many states have not been implementing the 1930 portal. Gujarat, Delhi and Hyderabad have started this portal, which is also one of the reasons for more crimes being reported in these cities.
“Now the payment system is being replaced by UPI instead of debit cards and debit cards, but the data is not available in the NCRB report. Many people do not know that if any customer has been scammed by the debit card they may get the insurance, but based on the type of the card”, he mentioned.
“My suggestion is that Police is a state subject. But what happens is sometimes the fraudster is from other states. So this police does not have the authority to take action in other states. An umbrella system should be brought by the union government to curb more cases”, he added.

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