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‘Hyderabad was initially less conscious about menstrual hygiene’

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Shikha Duggal

Many girls drop out of school annually in the city, due to a lack of proper menstrual hygiene management facilities, which include the availability of sanitary pads and information about menstruation.Since, menstrual health is one of the most important and sensitive health issues in the country that has been less talked about, ignored, and neglected even at the policy level — here for our special weekly column, we have Devidutta Dash, hailing from the city of Bhubaneswar, who is at the moment based in Hyderabad city and her eyes are catching these issues.

Also, the founder of Lemme Be, a complete menstrual care brand: is working on raising awareness about menstrual health here as well.The Pioneer connected with the founder, to know the reason behind focusing her brains only towards menstrual care, and how our city is an interesting place for the propagation.

She started with, “Hyderabad is also my hometown, I was married here. My main cause to migrate here was to start my business! To stop women from a lack of menstrual education and access to clean menstrual hygiene products. Initially, after a few sessions, I found out consciousness about menstrual health is low here.

With the help of women entrepreneurial spaces, I expanded my eco-system here and supplemented my efforts for menstrual hygiene. Glad, the government stepped up with me and provided me with the needful resources that I was looking for as an outsider. By doing this, they made it clear that their primary focus is not just in developing the IT hub of the city but to also create a real impact.”

She has seen girls having a negative impact due to the persistence of menstrual taboo in the culture, she couldn’t take it.She continued, “At first, Hyderabad was a “test market” for me, gradually it turned out to be the main business hub to grow Lemme Be here.

Hyderabad’s vibe is quite similar to Vizag’s. It’s not like the city of dreams! If not the rural areas, citizens coming from the elitist town knew how to address the myths surrounding menstruation. That was my participation button here, that made me stay back! If we go back to my birthplace, no offense, but there is a misunderstanding about menstruation exacerbated by their limited knowledge.

The citizens who know about reproductive health well and good are mostly retired there — so have seen young girls undergoing emotional distress after their first period which is unbearable for me as a woman. Coming back to Hyderabad, even the tech culture is quick: so why wouldn’t I prefer setting up my business here?”

Urging girls to ask questions openly about the menstrual environment, she noticed another thing from the time she was here in Hyderabad and that is, “Sometimes, even Hyderabad becomes convenient. Where are the investors who would like to prepare the girls about their first period other than the chief minister? I never saw another start-up helping us, it’s all about a competitive world although my cause involves anxiety and worry.

We don’t even have a warehouse here! A fun fact: have hardly raised money from this city other than with the help of the government. That’s where convenience comes in — I want to eradicate the stigma women carry about menstruation that also hampers the way they live in some parts of the city.”

The social entrepreneur also mentioned, “I have a sentiment attached to my brand. My team is made up of inclusive individuals because there are women who are differently-abled, there are transgenders and organically they menstruate. I don’t want my team to discriminate! I know the city is on it’s way to becoming more progressive but I’ll still aim to raise the wellness factor. Moreover, what I really like about Hyderabad is also that it promotes home-grown labels equally. C’mon, they need a push too and the city is doing exactly that.”

On a final note, “Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s body. The shame associated with periods prevents people from passing down advice about how to handle your period from one generation to the next which should be stopped immediately. I wasn’t spared either, I was stigmatised myself. My mental health suffered as the result! Even, the boys should learn to accept that menstruation is normal and instead provide the needed comfort to the women around them.”

Menstrual health is one of the most important health concerns in India, and also the one that lacks awareness. Today, for our weekly segment of Hyderabond, we have with us Devidutta Dash, founder of Lemme Be, who is not onlyon a mission to raise awareness on menstrual health, but also make periods comfortable and sustainable.

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