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‘I always put in a conscious effort to explore myself with the characters’

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Actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is all excited and confident for his upcoming film Amigos, interacted with the Hyderabadi media, and spoke about his recent hits, exploring different characters, and more.

Amartya Smaran

Actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram made his debut as a lead actor with Toli Choopulone(2003). However, he scored his biggest ever success with Anil Ravipudi’s Pataas(2015). Another seven years later, in 2022, his career reached an all new high with Bimbisara doing superbly at the box office.

On Friday (February 10), the actor will be seen donning three doppelgangers(Michael, Siddharth, and Manjunath) in Amigos. The film is produced by Mythri Movie Makers, who recently scored two massive Sankranthi hits in the form of Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. Rajendra Reddy is the director of this ambitious doppelganger entertainer that stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, Sapthagiri and others. Uttama Villain fame Ghibran is the music director and the camera is handled by S. Soundar Rajan.

It is a fact that Kalyan Ram found it really hard to cement his place in the film industry in the early stages of his career. However, it is really appreciable to see how he managed to turn things around with his ability to pick the right scripts. Actors are often scrutinised for going wrong with the scripts and if they do that around two or three times in a row, they are written off. Therefore, it is really important for stars to be cautious about choosing the correct scripts. Even stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan were once accused of losing relevance and churning out the same old masala pot boilers.

So, how does one stay relevant in a market that’s constantly changing? “I just watch all the films that come out,” said the Pataas star. Turning the spotlight on how OTT platforms have kept him relevant in today’s times, he continued, “Right now we’ve got Netflix, Sony LIV, Zee 5, Amazon Prime and the whole world cinema is coming to you.”

In a crisp interaction with the media, Kalyan Ram informed that he signed up for Bimbisara, Devil and Amigos in 2020. Talking about what his recent success means to him, he schmoozed, “With success comes responsibility and it is good because one will be more cautious about choosing scripts. Success helps build a little bit of confidence in everyone.”

If there’s one thing that the actor dreads, that is playing the same characters over and over again. “My major concern is that I don’t like to repeat the character that I played in any of my films. That’s one thing that I keep in mind. Or else I wouldn’t be able to find something new in me. I always put in a conscious effort to explore myself with the characters. I said okay to the script because I felt the concept was really new and fresh. The way the director narrated the film really impressed me. Amigos is not a routine film. There’s only one heroine in the film. The hero himself is a villain. If he’s the villain, what does he even want? These elements were really interesting for me and that’s why I said. All the three roles have equal importance in this movie,” asserted the actor.

Exploring oneself through the characters they play, isn’t that interesting? Now that he plays three roles in the film, we asked him which role challenged him the most, “Definitely the villain role. I never did anything like it. The way the character looks, or the way he does things, it’s kind of scary. People might think, “What happened to him? He usually plays a hero, right?” but yeah, it was very nice to play a villain.”

Nerve wracking! That’s what most performers feel right before the director yells out the golden word, “Action!”. The Bimbisara star is no different and when we questioned him as to how he calms his nerves, he informed, “Yes! Every first shot of the day , I get nervous. I try to give the best and once I see it, I say, “Yes! I’m getting into this.” I go to the sets and then prepare. I am a little bit early. If they say my call time is at 8:00, I’ll be there by 7:00. That’s where I prepare myself because I just cut off my brain once they say pack up. I don’t take anything home because home is different and my profession is different. I never combine both of them.”

Looks like the Amigos star is embarking on a journey as a performer. He received positive feedback from the masses for his performance in Bimbisara. Playing three characters isn’t easy by any means. Actors like Kamal Haasan, Chiranjeevi, Jr. NTR, and Balakrishna have all excelled at playing multiple characters in a single film, and Kalyan Ram is all set to test his luck with Amigos and join the pantheon of the great performers. Will he be able to achieve that feat? You’ll get to see it tomorrow.

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