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I am a tree hugger when traveling: Shenaz Treasury

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Shikha Duggal

We have often heard at least one of our friends or colleagues, talk about ditching it all to travel the world. But how often do people make a career out of being on a permanent or partial vacation? Actress Shenaz Treasury did.

She is an influential, social media-savvy traveller who inspires people to do what makes them happy and venture into the unknown.

The digital nomad said, “Meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and most of all, being in the lap of nature, really excites me. Traveling to stunning places makes me feel calm, peaceful and motivates me. I love to try different cuisines, and when I am travelling, all my senses are activated as I am looking at beautiful things, smelling new fragrances, tasting new food, and touching trees; I am a tree hugger.”

She has made a name for herself, be it through her travel stories or the photographs that she shares. Her blogs have inspired us to travel the world, and they have set an example for everyone! She believes that nothing can stop you from seeking adventures and exploring the globe.

Also, what makes Shenaz stand out among the others is the way she interacts with the locals. She is able to extract purity from them and doesn’t shy away from exploring any hidden corner. Most importantly, no tantrums!

“We have all heard about sustainable ecotourism. We are now finally hearing about destinations, hotels, airlines, and other tourism companies branding themselves as eco-friendly. I saw the increase in tourist numbers at destinations all over the world having a negative impact on resources and local communities. The structure becomes overburdened and collapses. Candolim beach in Goa, for example, was once pristine.”

As a wanderlust, this girl covered all of the outliers and showed us new perspectives. Goa is undoubtedly one of the best vacation spots in India, and Shehnaz is no exception. She said, “It’s my favourite time of year, with fewer people, lush greenery, overflowing quarries, and overcast skies. It’s a different side to Goa. There won’t be beach shacks, crazy parties, or surfing, and there will be power cuts and thunderstorms, but that makes it different and more charming for me. It’s always like visiting a new place.”

One of the places across the world that was unhidden for her when she explored it and fell immensely in love with it was Baku.

She explained, “Baku is a lot more like Dubai. The most ancient part of Baku has managed to preserve its defensive walls. On the contrary, Dubai has fewer historical sites, and its culture is lost amidst big malls and beach clubs. Baku also has extravagant architectural marvels that stand in stark contrast to the old city.

One such attraction was the Flame Towers, which symbolised fire. And, at night, you can see them light up, symbolising Zoroastrianism’s origins in Azerbaijan, which was special for me because I am Zoroastrian.” Solo travel is fast catching on across the globe, and the actress-blogger is one of them.

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