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Identifying & modifying your pregnancy journey

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Are you planning to start a family or bring a new member to your existing family? If yes, then now is the time for you to get your preconception counseling done and get started with the care you need. When we talk about preconception healthcare, it is a kind of medical care that focuses on aspects of a person’s health that have been found to improve the likelihood of having a healthy baby. Even before you get pregnant, you should start receiving preconception care since it improves your chances of having a healthy child.

“There are numerous factors that you need to consider when planning a pregnancy because it is crucial to make sure that your body and your mind are prepared for the same. Here preconception counselling plays a significant role as it educates the individuals regarding the entire pregnancy process and helps them recognize the risks associated with it. Taking into account the current condition of your body, a preconception plan is devised that outlines the ways to reduce those risks and pave the way for a healthy pregnancy. Especially for couples who have previously had repeated early pregnancy loss, preconception counseling is unavoidably essential. In such situations, the spouses are in great pain and need regular assurances that everything is being done to prevent more losses,” shares Dr Sita Sharma, senior consultant, fertility, Apollo Fertility, in conversation with The Pioneer.

The doc tells the importance of preconception counseling:

Identify risks earlier: Preconception counselling is extremely helpful in detecting any hazards associated with pregnancy and promptly resolving them to prevent future mishaps. The concerned medical healthcare provider will take into account your and your partner’s family background, your lifestyle, and eating habits. In addition, he will also gather information about any genetic conditions that run in your family so that a preconception plan can be devised accordingly for the purpose of a happy and healthy delivery.

Prepare for the pregnancy: It is safe to say that preconception counseling is the first step towards a planned healthy pregnancy and prepares the couple for what to expect in the future. It involves a series of tests whose results determine your current health condition and how it can be addressed to avoid any complications in the pregnancy. Finding a balance between emotional, physical, and health considerations is the main goal of preconception counselling for women. For men, it includes preparing oneself to accept the changes, such as being emotionally present for your wife and learning how you can be of real assistance to her.

Healthy pregnancy: A healthy pregnancy can be achieved by seeking preconception counselling. It aids in identifying current issues and how they might obstruct a pregnancy. Here a proper preconception plan is created for a couple to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Apart from that, it is advised to incorporate healthy food and good water intake in your routine and cut down on alcohol, smoking and other forms of tobacco for the sake of a healthy child.

Way to a happy and healthy pregnancy!
It is reasonable to state that preconception counseling is a roadmap toward a healthy pregnancy. Knowing the pregnancy-related risks before you go on board and addressing them on time is what preconception counselling caters to because preconception health is certainly vital.

Preconception healthcare starts even before you become pregnant since it is concentrated on the aspects of health that have been found to boost the likelihood of having a healthy baby.

Preconception counselling is unavoidably essential, but it is especially important for couples with a history of miscarriages in the first trimester. In these cases, the couples are particularly distressed and need constant assurance that everything is being done to prevent similar losses in the future. Hence, if you are planning to bring a new member into your family, then you should definitely go for preconception counselling.

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