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‘I feel very nice when I get trolled because if you’re getting trolled, it means people know you’

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Actor Mohammad Nazim Khilji, who is popularly known for his character Ahem Modi, gets candid with the Pioneer about being recognised as the character to date, his upcoming series, and more.
Every actor has that one character in their journey, and the audience will remember them forever. The same has it been for Mohammad Nazim Khilji. If you actually wonder who it is, then he is none other than Ahem Modi aka Ahem Ji from the popularly watched show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Though, it’s not a big thing for him, however, he feels good knowing that people recognise him as Ahem Modi. In fact, they even Google to find out his real name, Mohammad Nazim.
“I’ve learned a lot from my character, Ahem,” begins the Saath Nibhana Saathiya fame. “He’s close to his family, a real ‘Mumma’s Boy,’ and I’m the same. I’m very close to my family. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that no matter who you are, you must always be there for your family and support them. Having your family with you is invaluable.”
Basically, he had never thought about typecasting issues when he was doing the show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. “I felt like this was one of the best characters made specifically for me. I believe there’s something made for everyone, something they deserve. After Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, I’ve played negative characters, done main leads, and taken on lots of roles. But I do wish I could play more characters like Ahem Modi. If I were to get something like that, I would be very happy.”
Though post-Saath Nibhana Saathiya he has starred in multiple other projects like Laal Ishq, Udaan Sapnon Ki, Bahu Begun, Tera Mera Saath Rahe, and even in Punjabi Films, there has been a constant recognition or let’s say tag of Ahem ji. So,  “There are so many serials and many actors who play lead roles, but they still have to introduce themselves. However, I’m happy that people recognise me as Ahem. I’ve been working in the industry for 14-15 years, and many people know who I am. There’s a character that people love to watch. I still receive many messages from my fans; they still love the show. Like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, who are also known for their famous movie characters, our show is also receiving a lot of love.”
Now, the actor is all set to play the character of a cop in Alt Balaji’s upcoming series Backroad.  He is all set to give viewers a thrilling and memorable experience with his new character. So taking us through how it all happened, he says, “I had given the test, and at that time, my hair was short. They said the cop character suited me perfectly. The role was very powerful and bold, even though it was very different from what I had done before. It was challenging for me as well. I wondered how my fans would react to seeing me in a totally different avatar. Would they like it or not? But they are loving it.”
He further adds, “The show is bold, and it’s all about this generation and how they operate. If they want something, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it done. There’s an awareness of drugs, and the story revolves around college-going students and how they live their lives. But in the end, work is work, and we have to do it.”
Recently, many of his Instagram reel videos have gone viral and netizens have trolled him miserably saying Rehem ji, Vehem ji, Gopi Bahu inka phone bhi dho do, etc., but he dealt them in a different way: “It’s not a big thing; you should expect to get trolled. I feel very nice when I get trolled because if you’re getting trolled, it means people know you. It’s good. I don’t pay attention to those trolls.”
“If there is any action involved, I focus on my fitness. If it’s a comedy character, I create myself to fit that role. I have a jolly nature, but often people perceive me as serious or rude until they meet me and realize otherwise. Whenever I’m offered a character, my criteria is whether I’ll suit the role. We have to mold ourselves into the character. Whenever I get a project as an artist, I prepare myself thoroughly for the role before working in front of the camera,” shared the trending man on the internet right now.
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