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Pavail Gulati is ‘glad’ his trip to Kerala ‘didn’t get cancelled’

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Actor Pavail Gulati, who was recently exploring the malabar coast and relishing every second of his trip in Kerala, takes The Pioneer, through an exclusive virtual  trip sharing his experience from the voyage.
Actor Pavail Gulati, well known for playing Taapsee Pannu’s co-star in Thappad, was recently sighted exploring the Malabar coast. He convinced us that he felt more like he was in paradise throughout our talk about the travel features! Idling around the beaches or the backwaters, he relished every second he spent in Kerela.
He said, “Unfortunately, the music festival I was scheduled to attend in Kerela was canceled. I had never been to Kerela before, so we all agreed not to postpone the trip! I was enamoured with the spotless beaches. What I always search for is a lovely beach with fewer people.”
He was struck by how kind the people of Kerela were to him and said, “I visit some heritage hotels in Kochi; the architecture is remarkable. Types that should not be overlooked! I would encourage my followers to try ‘Nadan Chicken Curry’ since I enjoyed it so much that I continued to eat it for every meal of the day. Additionally, each restaurant’s rendition varied.”
Giving us additional insight into tourism, the Dobaraa fame persists, “I started surfing. I tried surfing for the second time, and although I was definitely tired and sunburned after, it was a lot of fun. I attended a one-and-a-half-hour class in the afternoon to get ready for it. Plus, it hurt my back. I believe I have a strong desire to attempt surfing again, therefore I might be seen in the backwaters. I kayaked in the backwaters as well. Although quite exhausting, it was worthwhile to see the sunset! I’d never seen water this beautiful, and I could see the sun setting in its mirror reflection. I forgot for a little second that I was in India! I’m very glad the trip didn’t get canceled.”
He thought it would be enjoyable to vacation in a niche holiday destination. The leading man from Yudh said, “Varkala Beach was fantastic, such a gorgeous place. I frequently visit Goa and have been to many of its beaches, but the beach in Kerela was completely different. That beach looked as though it was straight out of a painting. It was wonderful to swim in the water since it was so warm.”
He went on, “I always leave it up to my buddies to book and create the itinerary for all of us because I am the worst at organizing vacations. I’m the kind of person that would rather go there and enjoy myself! They reserved a property in Thiruvananthapuram close to the Varkala beach. It was right next to the sea!
And I was staring out to sea while sipping my coffee. In Kochi, even the Trident Hotel was enjoyable. Sadly, all of the historic hotels were booked up!
In a general sense, the Faadu star states, “I immediately go to my mom’s house in Delhi whenever I am under a lot of stress after finishing a demanding film schedule. I take time to spend with my pet and family. That is the one location where I truly feel loved and safe. Being a Mumma’s boy makes me happy. And since I already know Anurag Kashyap is an avid traveler and foodie, I would really love to go on a trip with him sometime. He shares all of his travel experiences with me, so why not invite him along on my industry travels?”
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