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‘I had to lose weight & undergo a tooth implant to become Maya’

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K. Ramya Sree

Actress Priya Vadlamani, who was seen in the recently released Mukhachitram, is receiving a lot of praise for her performance in the film, a message-oriented romantic thriller. Also starring Vishwak Sen, debutant Ayesha Khan, and Vikas, among others, Priya feels lucky that she got to play two different roles in the film. We rang the actress’ phone, who said, “For the first time, 18 movies were released on the same day in Tollywood, and Mukhachitram is one among them. Before the release, I was very nervous, excited, exhilarated, and anxious. I was also panicking. I’ve waited a very, very long time for this movie to come out.”

Despite all the stress, we are sure that the actress is happy with the results, as the film could make its presence felt among all the 17 other films released on the same day.

Speaking about her role, the actress, who feels extremely lucky to play Maya and Mahathi, said, “I was lucky enough to get to play two roles in this film. The first character is a very simple Brahmin girl coming from a village near Vijayawada. She is brought up in a very simple family with simple values, a simple way of leading her life, and more. She gets married to a very successful doctor in the city, and she moves there. On the other hand, I also played Maya, who is an urban girl, free-spirited, a hardcore feminist, and a very strong woman.”

For those who haven’t watched the film yet, Mahathi dies in the film. Maya, played by Ayesha Khan undergoes plastic surgery. Here Mahathi’s face, aka Priya’s face, is put on Maya’s body.

To fit into the shoes of Maya, Priya underwent tooth surgery to make her character look as natural as possible. “I have a crooked tooth when I play Mahathi. I underwent a tooth implant, and also got my hair coloured to fit into the role of Maya. Moreover, while I played Mahathi, I had to put on weight, and for playing the role of Maya, I cut down on my weight,” added the actress. Her efforts to give her best in the film turned out to be fruitful for the actress, as she is receiving a lot of applause for her performance in Mukhachitram.

Priya thanks her director, Sandeep, for paying attention to the minute details in the film and for bringing out the best in her. Asked if she is like Mahathi or Maya in real life, Priya said, “My thinking resembles Maya, whereas my upbringing and family are more like Mahathi. I am also somewhat of an introvert. I also come from a very simple family.”

Mukhachitram has a fine cast. And Maya got to perform with all of them. So when we asked her who is the closest amongst the cast, she immediately said, “I really look up to Aisha as my youngest sister now. Vikas has genuinely been a big support to me in the film. We were called the three Musketeers during the shoot of the film. They both have been my biggest supporters.”

The film talks about the most important message on marital rape, and Priya says when the character came to her, she felt very responsible as the issue, which is considered taboo, is something that needs to be addressed.

“It is such a sensitive topic. And as they told me the story, I felt a sense of responsibility as a woman. I felt a story like this should come out. I hope our movie was able to convey the same to society,” concluded the young actress.

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