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‘I wanted a ballet like Kasam Se, which was missing in my album’

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Armaan Malik, the Prince of Pop, took fans behind the scenes of his song ‘Kasam Se,’ a standout track from his latest album ‘Only Just Began.’ The album, comprising 8 diverse songs, showcases Armaan’s musical versatility, with “Kasam Se” emerging as a fan favorite for all the right reasons.

The song “Kasam Se” holds a special significance for Armaan as he created this song to propose to his then-girlfriend and now fiance, Aashna Shroff. As soon as the song was released, there was curiosity among the listeners to know the back story of the song.  Armaan who is currently busy promoting his album ‘Only Just Began’ recently in an interview unveiled how he came up with this song. He shared, “I created this song intending to propose to Aashna. When the song was ready, it was so beautiful that I felt a ballet like this was missing from my album. I decided to add it to my album, making it a cherished memory.”

He added,” The ideation started with the word ‘Kasam,’ which means promise. The essence of a proposal is making a promise to the love of your life. The way we say ‘Kasam se tera hi hoon, Kasam se,’ inspired me, so I approached Amaal and Kunal (Amaal Mallik and Kunaal Vermaa). I shared this moment and idea with them, asking them to create something beautiful, and that’s how ‘Kasam Se’ came to be.”

The song Kasam se along with seven more beautiful songs is part of his album ‘Only Just Began’

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