Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘I’d love to travel again with actor Navdeep,’ exclaims Tejaswi

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Actress Tejaswi Madivada gets candid with The Pioneer over an exclusive chat, taking us through her travel experiences for our weekly segment of Travel Tales.


We have the Telugu Bigg Boss contestant Tejaswi Madivada telling us about her recent travel experiences—she’s always on the move! But her motivations always differed—antics. Family trips, solo trips, or a special birthday treat! All of these have helped her create a certain image of these unknown cities in her mind, which she was compelled to share with The Pioneer exclusively.

Sharing one of her first travel accounts, the television actress revealed, “My longest outing was to Solang Valley. I do not have a family of my own; I share trips with a friend’s family. We had to change our whole schedule for the comfort of our families. I found a new meaning in traveling when there is togetherness in it. We were staying at the Solang Valley Resort, and coincidentally, the Roadies team was shooting at the same spot. I got to meet my old friend, Rhea Chakraborty. To explain the wonder of valleys would be difficult for me. There is more life in the mountains. The clouds will be moving so fast that at times you feel slightly alarmed by the constantly changing weather conditions.”

She was at a river bank when she realized a moment of salvation. So she used to sit herself on the freezing cold rocks and meditate! In fact, she disclosed that she’d go under the bitterly cold water for a face bath.

“After this trip, I had a quick stop at Chandigarh. Partied like the city girls! As soon as I returned to Hyderabad, it was my birthday date nearing, and I had no plans of cutting cake, so I decided on a solo trip. I drove to Tipeshwar alone—the wildlife sanctuary. I met a lot of wildlife enthusiasts there; the tribals are employed there for the sake of better income opportunities for them. The sanctuary is on tribal land! They do not use anything that’s not biodegradable. My happy birthday sign was written with leaves!” added the uber-cool Tejaswi.

She was still on the move; her next destination was Goa. She lay bare the deets: “I walked barefoot on the mountains, in spite of knowing there were snakes there. Especially in the sand. Never avoid taking a jaunt. In the mountains, fruit and vegetable diets become very limited. The diet is very much like a humdrum. There were thunderstorms that startled me a little bit. We were very close to the  clouds.” She actually has pretty cool traveling experiences with actor Navdeep because of his proximity to nature. That quotient! She has seen him go on a lot of bike expeditions. “I am eagerly waiting to travel with him alone. We will not sit in a hotel! He’s my go-to travel guy. I have earlier traveled with him to Meghalaya as well.”

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