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Illegal medical store, clinics of quacks sealed by DCA

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The Drug Control Administration (DCA) on March 30 seized an illegally-run medical store. Officials found 21 types of medicines, including antibiotics, steroids, anti-hypertensive drugs, analgesics, anti-ulcer drugs, cough syrups, anti-diabetic drugs etc. which were all seized.
According to DCA chief V B Kamasalan Reddy, the store was run by a woman named Koduru without a drug licence. Officials seized the stock worth Rs 20,000 during the raid. DCA officers lifted the samples for analysis and further investigation will be carried out.
In separate cases, the DCA caught two quacks who were running clinics illegally and cheating patients. During the raids at the following premises, substantial quantities of medicines stocked for sale without a drug license were found.
The quacks, P Dharma Reddy of Serilingampally and Gajji Sudhakar of Keesara mandal – were cheating customers by running a clinic. DCA officials detected several higher generation antibiotics at the clinics during the raids. Indiscriminate sale of antibiotics by unqualified persons may have disastrous consequences on the health of rural public, including emergence of ‘Antimicrobial Resistance’, said the DCA.
The DCA stated that misusing steroids can have serious health consequences, including immune system suppression, hormonal imbalances, muscle and bone weakness, cardiovascular problems and psychological effects. The indiscriminate use of steroids poses significant risks to public health, Kamalasan Reddy stated.

Wholesalers/Dealers who supply medicines to unqualified persons/unlicensed entities, who stock and sell drugs without a license, are also punishable under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, and stringent action shall be taken against such Wholesalers/Dealers. Wholesalers/Dealers shall mandatorily ensure that the recipient entities hold a valid drug license before supplying medicines to them, he warned.
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