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In-house survey reveals YSRCP likely to win 130 Assembly seats

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The YSR Congress was very happy over the results of in-house survey on the coming Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. According to top sources, the in- house survey revealed that the YSR Congress is going to win 130 plus seats in the forthcoming Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. The survey also revealed that the YSR Congress is going to secure more than 50% vote share.
The voting percentage to YSR Congress increased by 5.5 % after the announcement of candidates compared to before announcing the candidates. The SC, ST, Muslim minorities, women and downtrodden sections are totally supporting the YSR Congress. Kamma and Brahmin castes are against the YSR Congress. The YSR Congress feels that the Brahmin votes will be polled to the BJP or the Congress and not to the TDP.
The Kamma voters are reducing gradually compare to past. Due to various reasons the Kamma people are going to the USA and other countries. The survey revealed that before Jana Sena alliance with the TDP, the YSR Congress has the support of 20% from the Kapu community. After Jana Sena and TDP alliance, the support from Kapu community to YSR Congress has increased to more than 50%.
In the previous Assembly elections, the YSR Congress won 151 seats out of total 175 seats. This time the YSR Congress may not reach that figure in the coming Assembly elections. The chances for YSR Congress are increasing day-by-day. In the present situation, the YSR Congress is going to win 130 seats as per the latest survey conducted by the party. The BJP has no chances of winning a single Assembly seat. The TDP, Jana Sena and others may win below 40 seats only as per the latest survey.

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