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Politics heats up in Amadalavalasa as Tammineni, Kuna locked in keen fight

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Politics in Srikakulam’s Amadalavala constituency has taken an intriguing turn as the upcoming elections approach. With a mix of seasoned contenders and independent hopefuls, the electoral landscape is buzzing with anticipation. At the core of the political saga lies a compelling rivalry between relatives, underscoring the familial dynamics permeating this electoral battleground. Against this backdrop, an independent candidate has seized the opportunity to challenge the status quo, injecting further complexity into the race. With several other independents also throwing their hats into the ring, voters are presented with a diverse array of options.
Tammineni Sitaram, representing the YSR Congress Party, brings a wealth of electoral experience to the table, having contested the Assembly elections an impressive ten times. His main contender, Kuna Ravikumar, enjoys the support of a coalition comprising the TDP, Janasena, and BJP parties, posing a formidable challenge to Sitaram’s dominance. Both Sitaram and Ravikumar are leaving no stone unturned in their campaign endeavours, crisscrossing the constituency and engaging voters with their respective agendas. Additionally, Suvwari Gandhi, a former YSRCP member who resigned amidst internal party turmoil, has entered the fray as an independent candidate, further intensifying the competition.
The stakes are undeniably high as each candidate strives to secure the support of the electorate. Sitaram emphasizes the developmental achievements of the YSRCP government during its tenure, urging voters to rally behind the party once more. Conversely, Ravikumar advocates for change, pledging a new era of governance under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu.

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