Sunday, April 21, 2024

INDIA bloc urged to allot 50 MP tickets to Muslims

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The Muslim United Front and the Muslim JAC Guntur have demanded that the Congress party give tickets to 50 persons belonging to the Muslim community in the 2024 Parliament elections. President of MUF and MJAC, Mohammed Kaleem said they wrote a letter to Mallikarjun Kharge, AICC president and INDIA chairman, seeking 50 MP tickets for Muslim minorities.
He further said that all the political parties that are part of the INDIA combine are announcing their candidates for the Lok Sabha seats, and the Congress party has also released four lists. He said the Muslim community expects that at least 50 Muslim candidates will be fielded on behalf of INDIA at the national level. There are 27 Muslim members in the 17th Lok Sabha. Muslim organisations want INDIA to take the responsibility of making at least 50 in the 18th Lok Sabha.
“Muslims feel that there are not many people from their community among the candidates announced by INDIA,” Kaleem said. “It is reasonable to give a chance to 50 Muslims in the INDIA combine, which is an alliance of about 26 or 27 parties. Except for Andhra Pradesh, the parties in INDIA are in power in the rest of the southern States. The Congress party is in power in Karnataka and Telangana. In these two States, at least four parliamentary seats should be given to Muslims on behalf of the Congress.
In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry also, INDIA should allocate at least six seats to Muslims.
“At least 10 seats should be allocated to Muslims in the rest of the southern States and in AP, the Congress should allocate majority seats to  Muslim, Christian and Dalit communities in the elections,” he demanded.

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