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Port City keen on conservation of Olive Ridley turtles’

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The City of Destiny is making a concerted effort to safeguard endangered Olive Ridley turtles during their nesting season. The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), led by Commissioner CM Sai Kant Varma, has unveiled a multi-pronged conservation plan to protect these magnificent creatures. “Protecting the turtles isn’t just about them,” Commissioner Varma emphasised at a recent press conference here on Tuesday. “It’s about safeguarding the delicate ecosystem our city depends on. We need everyone’s help to ensure the continued existence of these Olive Ridley turtles.”
The plan leverages the existing Eco Blue programme, part of the broader Eco Vizag environmental initiative. Eco Blue uses beach cleaning machines to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of Visakhapatnam’s beaches. This focus on cleanliness goes beyond aesthetics – it’s vital for preserving the natural habitat that Olive Ridley turtles rely on. Recognising the turtles’ nesting cycle (October/November to May), Commissioner Varma said that the GVMC will implement targeted manual cleaning operations on critical nesting grounds like Ramakrishna Beach, Sagar Nagar, Kapuluppada, and Pedanagamayyapalem. These meticulous cleaning efforts aim to minimise disruptions to nesting and create optimal conditions for hatching success.

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