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Infighting TPCC leaders digging their party’s grave

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The sensational comments of TPCC President Revanth Reddy have created confusion in Congress circles.The TPCC President had said at a party workers’ training camp on Wednesday, “Whoever the high command appoints as TPCC President I am ready to carry his palanquin. If the Congress can come to power if I step down I am ready for that too.”

Ahead of the TS Assembly elections, the Telangana Congress is vertically divided as senior leaders have locked horns with Revanth. It appears that the Congress is digging its own grave ahead of the Assembly elections.

After complaints by senior leaders the Congress high command appointed Manikrao Thakre as the new AICC in-charge of the TPCC replacing Manickam Tagore. Now, TPCC President Revanth is speaking about a new TPCC President and says that he is ready to step down creating confusion in Congress circles.

By changing the AICC in-charge as requested by senior leaders the high command has signalled that there will be no changing of the TPCC President before the Assembly elections. However, some senior leaders are bringing pressure on the high command to change the leadership.

Revanth may have known this and must have made the comments to cool down dissidents.At a time when leaders have to jointly work together to bring the party to power, infighting by them can affect party cadre who are the pillars of the party at the ground level.

While the ruling BRS and the BJP are preparing to fight Assembly elections, Congress leaders are fighting among themselves. The BRS leadership is trying to underestimate the Congress and is trying to project the BJP as its main rival.

At this point of time Congress leaders should work as one man to show the party’s strength, but instead of that they are weakening the party and creating the impression that what the BRS leadership says is correct.

Senior Congress leaders have successfully blocked the proposed padayatra of TPCC President Revanth Reddy. The acts of Congress leaders are weakening the party and not strengthening it in any way.The present situation shows that the difference among Congress leaders may peak during the selection of party candidates for the Assembly elections. Instead of fighting the party’s rivals, Congress leaders are fighting among themselves.

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