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No changes in TS BJP leadership: Kishan

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K Venkateshwarlu

Union Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy has made it clear that there would not be any changes in the Telangana BJP’s leadership.Kishan said that the Telangana BJP will face the Assembly elections with its existing team.

He said that BJP will face elections whenever they come. “There is no dearth of leadership in the BJP. The people would select candidates if elections come,” Kishan clarified.

Addressing the media in New Delhi on Thursday, Kishan said that the BJP has no objection even if KCR changed his party’s name to WRS (World Rashtra Samithi) and that KCR has no right to utter the word Telangana.

He said that the situation in Telangana has turned the state government into bankruptcy. The father, son, uncle, and nephew government has been running the state and BRS leaders are looting natural resources indiscriminately.

He said that the mafia has been running from morning to evening and that the Kalvakuntla constitution is being implemented in Telangana instead of Dr BR Ambedkar’s constitution. He asked KCR to explain whether the Congress MLAs who joined BRS are ‘Gems of the Nation.’

Stating that the name of Telangana leaders coming out in the Delhi Liquor scam, the Union Minister questioned what connection the Centre has with it. “We did not invite Telanganites to do liquor business in Delhi,” Kishan said.

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