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Intensify ‘Gadapa Gadapaku’: Jagan

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PNS | Amaravati

Reiterating that the prestigious door-to-door (Gadapa Gadapaku Prabhuthvam) programme initiated by the government to inform the public about the implementation of government schemes and development activities should be carried out effectively, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has called upon the party leaders not to be lethargic and take the programme forward.

The Chief Minister chaired a workshop on the door-to-door programme attended by the MLAs, constituency coordinators, district presidents, regional coordinators and senior leaders at his camp office here on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that the ‘Gadapa Gagadapaku Prabhuthvam’ should be carried out to resolve public grievances with utmost importance.The MLAs should conduct the programme in every village/ward secretariat for two to three days at least for six hours a day in their respective constituencies.The MLAs who are unable to participate in the programme should visit their respective village/ward secretariats.

While participating in the programme, MLAs should spend at least five minutes at every doorstep to explain to the household the government’s welfare schemes as the elections are scheduled to be held after 16 months, he said and directed the party leaders to complete the programme in their respective constituencies by March. Activists with leadership qualities will be appointed as ‘Secretariat Convenors’ by the respective MLAs. Later, the appointment of the household chiefs will begin.

For this, 50 families will be mapped and a male and female cadre of the same locality will be appointed as in charge to carry the party message, besides providing publicity material. But nowhere the Volunteers should be appointed as household chiefs. About Rs 6,500 crore will be given to the beneficiaries in the third phase of the YSR Aasara Scheme in January.  Letters should be issued to the beneficiaries. After that, there will be another round of verification regarding the appointment of household chiefs, he said.

The Chief Minister further said that the distribution of tabs for Class VIII students through MLAs will begin on December 21. The tabs distribution programme should be conducted in the mornings and MLAs should participate in the door-to-door programme in the evening.

Similarly, the welfare pensions should be distributed by the MLAs from the 1st of every month for a week and they should visit a mandal in their respective constituencies besides participating in the door-to-door programme in the evening, he said.

Calling upon the MLAs not to compromise on the ongoing development works, the CM asked the party leaders to identify the High Impact Works (HIWs) in the villages during the door-to-door programme and ensure their completion with the funds allocated to the secretariats. Regarding 23,808 HIWs, proposals worth Rs 930.28 crore were received, of which 21,275 works were approved. The value of the works is Rs 828.45 crore. As many as 17,905 works were grounded started, and the value of the works is Rs 662.14 crore, he said.

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