Thursday, November 30, 2023

ISB to organise Insights Forum to envision new growth trajectory

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The Indian School of Business (ISB) will organise its first-ever Insights Forum, which is specially curated to envision the new growth trajectory for 2047 on Tuesday at the Mohali campus of ISB.
As part of the conclave, thought leaders of India’s premier business schools will brainstorm on the topic ‘Harnessing India’s Research Potential: Charting India’s Research Map for 2047’ at the ISB Insights Forum.
The discussion will be chaired by Professor Madan Pillutla, Dean, ISB, and will feature Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bengaluru, in addition to heads of other top institutions in India.
The brainstorming session chaired by Professor Madan Pillutla will be significant given that Parliament passed the Anusandhan National Research Foundation (NRF) Act, 2023, earlier this year.
The Indian government has plans to mobilise Rs 50,000 crore for research activities. Much of this money will come from industry and non-government sources.
Thought leaders at the session will discuss topics that include promoting technology, partnerships, skill development, assessment, accessibility diversity, and out-of-the-box teaching models, among others. They will bring their national and international exposure and expertise to the fore and deep dive into various aspects of higher education in India and suggest a vibrant and wholesome research agenda for the country, which in turn will usher in innovative and futuristic growth models in the country.

Professor Madan Pillutla, said, ” If a country needs to develop, it needs its institutions to be research-active. It needs its institutions to do the kind of research that can power economic growth. The panel of university leaders will discuss what we can do to remove the barriers that prevent us from achieving our potential and use the brain power that already exists in our universities, colleges, and other higher educational institutions.”
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