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‘It is farmhouse rule in Telangana’

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YSR Telangana Party chief YS Sharmila said that KCR built castles in the air for the people, but built forts in farmhouses for his family.

“During KCR’s rule, the money of Telangana and the gold of Golden Telangana disappeared. Will the people be sacrificed to pay the dues of the government?” Sharmila asked on Twitter. Should the people pay the price for farmhouse rule? she asked. “Will the people be forced to pay the electricity bills of government departments? Will you pour the water pumped at Kaleshwaram into the sea and ask people to pay for the electricity?” Sharmila asked.

Why has the electricity bill arrears of government departments increased from Rs 1,302 crore in 2014 to Rs 20,841 crore by 2022?, she asked and added that the burden on the people of Telangana will be Rs 17,000 crore due to KCR’s rule.

She said that KCR has been burdening the people for the sin of voting for him. “In 2014, the electricity arrears of the irrigation department were Rs 107 crore but by 2020 it increased to Rs 9,268 crore. Your thirst for money is a curse on Telangana,” Sharmila said.

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