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It was quite challenging to emote only through expressions’

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Actress Archana Iyer, who was recently seen in the film Krishnamma, gets candid with The Pioneer as she discusses her character Padma, emoting through her expressions, and more.

The bleak season at the box office persisted, but when Archana Iyer’s Krishnamma arrived in Telugu theaters, critics were forced to reconsider. It had a better response and grossed two and a half crores globally. At the same time, one of the film’s main actresses was thrilled that the movie received better reviews and generated more buzz than the majority of past releases. That’s how we landed our next exclusive interview for the Tollywood segment!
Now known as “Padma” everywhere, she coughs up, admitting that at some point, it became impossible for her to portray the part she was given. “It was quite challenging, as I had to emote only with expressions that were opposite to Satyadev! It’s just that I learned about Padma and how she behaves and reacts to events, so I went in as Padma to become her and get more deep. I did it without makeup throughout the film to connect with the audience,” she shares, adding, “It’s a very honest subject with strong emotions that connects with everyone. When I heard the entire script, it haunted me, and I knew it would do the same for the audience after they finished watching the film. As for Padma, it was a difficult role for me because she had no dialogue, but the way the director wrote Padma and Bhadra’s love story impressed me enough to accept the project.”
More fascinating details are on their way. Read on! Particularly when she says, “I learned so much as an actor and as a person. We used to film in 42-degree heat, and to be honest, I had never been to such a hot place before. The Durga Maa temple will always be significant to me, as will many other memories from Vijayawada.”  She believes that what is destined for you will eventually come to you. She never expected to become an actress, but she got more than what she expected as an actress! She cannot imagine her life without the film industry; she is blessed to be in it. Didn’t that strike you hard?

She had some more great inputs to share with us, such as, “I feel very happy to be representing all the women who have worked so hard for their families and society, and doing so through films is even more satisfying.” At the same time, she stated that as an actor, you have to be able to manage both success and failure, and when it comes to Krishnamma, people may have various perspectives, but honesty is welcomed, so she is delighted.

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