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No family planning surgeries in govt hospital for one and half years

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Tubectomy was halted after the death four women following double puncture laaroscopic procedure

Family planning operations have been suspended for over one and half year following an incident in Ibrahimpatnam where four women died after double puncture laparoscopic (DPL) operations. Despite change in government, no steps have so far been taken to resume these operations, leaving many women waiting for essential medical procedures.
The previous government halted the operation of DPL camps after the incident in Ibrahimpatnam  after four women died during DPL family planning operations on August 25, 2022. Serious action was taken by the Telangana government, including registering a criminal case against Dr Joyal Sunilkumar, who performed the operations, and transferring the then District Medical Officer Dr Swarajyalakshmi. However, since then, no action has been taken to restart DPL operations.
Dr  Venkateshwar Rao, District Medical Officer, assured that as soon as guidelines are received from the government, the DPL camps will be organised in the district to resume family planning operations. Currently, only tubectomy and vasectomy operations are being conducted in government hospitals.
The suspension of DPL camps has caused delays in family planning surgeries, affecting women in the district. Women are waiting for the government to organise camps and resume operations.
Due to the government’s inaction, women are turning to private hospitals for family planning operations. However, this shift towards private healthcare comes with increased costs for the procedures.
Moreover, men are avoiding vasectomy operations due to misconceptions and stigma surrounding the procedure, causing delays in family planning decisions. Medical experts emphasize the need for awareness among men and women about available family planning options.

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