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‘It was specifically requested that I keep my feelings to myself’

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Actress Adah Sharma, who is basking on the success of her back-to-back projects, is all set to entertain the audience with her performance in Bastar. The Pioneer gets candid with the actress over a quick chitter-chatter as she discusses more insights on the project.
Bastar, the next home production of Vipul Shah under the direction of Sudipto Sen, has received an A certificate. The movie, which explores genuine occurrences, will provide factual material to the audience. The lead actress has joined us based on the same, and she shares all the insider information on naxalism. Adah Sharma says, “Bastar is completely different from The Kerala Story—the latter was quite intimate,” following back-to-back interviews, still in a high mood. “We had over five hundred actors in our cast for Bastar. Eight stories run parallel to one another. Consequently, I faced the obstacles that my character faced.”
She continues, pointing out that, given the serious nature of the movie, “They made it very obvious that I wouldn’t even be seen crying in any situations. A sequence in the film depicts the deaths of 76 Jawans, but the spectator is not able to see my feelings because of the lens covering my eyes. It was specifically requested that I keep my feelings to myself.”
In contrast, the viral success of The Kerala Story also stated, “It’s one of those other movies that just won’t go away. In our nation, no one is willing to face the hard truth that it speaks. The Kerala Story is going to be a huge hit; I never would have thought it possible. I’m not sure how politics operate, but it will make you feel proud to be a citizen. I had no idea that Bastar existed. I asked the Bastar deity, Danteshwari Mata, for blessings before I arrived on the movie sets. Inside the temple is another group of girls at work.”
Notifying our readers that, “I am awaiting everyone’s viewing of the monologue scene that I performed in the movie, I completed it in one try! My father was also in the Navy, therefore, I have a special connection to the movie. Sudipto Sen and Vipul Shah are already the film’s heroes, in my opinion. I consider myself really fortunate that they were considering including me in this new ensemble they were leading. The movie I recently completed was the highest-grossing film ever made by women! The makers deserve all the credit. We have never experienced stress while on their sets. There was the formation of a new unit. On the sets of Bastar, there used to be an entire battalion surrounding me. We were filming in a jungle’s deepest recesses! With a cheerful expression on his face, the director was handling the lack of connectivity there.”
We wondered if she was already feeling the pressure from the popularity of her next movie! “The real pressure is: will I be able to touch people’s hearts again?” exclaims the Selfiee actress.
Adah says she isn’t someone who’d have any interest in tracking box office numbers. Because, “If I start fiddling with it, I forget my main objective, which is to put on a killer performance. The figures will come next. The fact that so many people comment on how I look is really important to me. There was criticism even after The Kerala Story’s incredible popularity, but all I care about is love.”
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