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Vendors spread their wares around Charminar City gears up for Ramadan Mohammed Baleegh

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With Ramadan set to begin on March 12, vendors at Charminar are expecting sales to increase ahead of the holy month.
Subhan Ahmed, a hawker selling earrings, necklaces and other accessories said, “The sale is steady at the moment. However, there is an increased footfall during Ramzan, especially post Iftar. I hope the sales will improve slightly in the next few days.”
Arun, accessories seller said, “The customer footfall is steadily increasing, and I have made good sales in the past 3-4 days. With Ramadan set to begin, hopefully there will be decent sales.”
Tourists and visitors at Charminar also show interest in attar; a few customers get attracted to colourful bottles and try out a couple of perfumes in order to choose from a variety. Ishaq Mohammed, an attar vendor, said, “There are various fragrances available here ranging from Jannatul Firdaus to Musk and Oud. I sell them in quantities of 50, 100 and 200 ml bottles; The price ranges from Rs 50- 200 depending on the fragrance the customer chooses.”
Vendors on the pavement adjacent to the Mecca Masjid sit with a large spread of Abayas (veils) and accessories. Ehsan, an Abaya seller, said, “The Abayas here range from Rs 400-800 depending on the size and make. The sales will gradually increase since a lot of women purchase these in bulk.”
Speaking of the preparations ahead of Ramadan, Superintendent of the Mecca Masjid , MA Khadeer Siddiqui said, “Based on Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s recommendation to the GHMC Commissioner, shades have been raised in the courtyard of the masjid for providing comfort to the worshippers.“
“Some contractors have been put incharge of whitewashing of the compound wall and minor repair works in the toilets and wazukhana . The deputy general manager of the water works department has repaired and white-washed the small and big water sumps. Fresh water has been filled in them and they are ready for worshippers to use,” Siddiqui added. “The Secretary, Commissioner of the minority department have provided the necessary items, including new prayer mats and other house keeping articles for the year 2024-25,” the Superintendent concluded.

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