Tuesday, December 5, 2023

It’s ‘Dorala Telangana’ vs ‘Prajala Telangana’

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K Venkateshwarlu

Asserting that it would be a fight between Dorala (Landlords’) Telangana and Prajala (People’s) Telangana in the upcoming Assembly elections, AICC former president Rahul Gandhi has said that the BJP is   wishing the victory of the BRS party in the state. He was addressing Vijayabheri public meeting on Wednesday at Ramanujapuram in Mulugu after launching Vijayabheri Bus Yatras along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi.

The AIMIM was extending its support to BRS and BJP, he reasoned. Hence, the fight will be only between the Congress and the BRS parties, Rahul Gandhi averred. He alleged that the BRS, BJP and MIM were hatching a conspiracy to defeat the Congress party in Telangana.
Rahul Gandhi exuded confidence that the Congress would come to power in the five states going to polls, including Telangana. He said: “The BJP lost its address in Telangana. The BJP is wishing for the victory of the BRS party in Telangana. BJP and BRS are working together. MIM is also with them. The BRS party extended its support to all the Bills introduced by the BJP in Parliament. BRS, BJP and MIM joined hands to defeat the Congress. There are no CBI, ED, and IT cases against CM KCR and it is a proof that the BJP and BRS are one. The Central government has harassed me in several ways. However, there is no single case against KCR. If people cast their vote to BRS, itonly amounts to casting vote to BJP”.
Rahul Gandhi claimed that the BRS party had deceived the people of Telangana. The BRS party government did not fulfil any assurance given to the people, including 3-acre land and loan waiver. The entire world had seen how the Congress party had realized the assurance given by it in 2004 of creating a separate Telangana state.

Political parties would not take decisions that could harm them; yet, Congress accorded Telangana, knowing well its downside.

The Congress party had fulfilled all the assurances given in Congress-ruled states, Rahul said. He observed: “We assured in Rajasthan state that we will implement free-medical treatment to all and we implemented. We are providing treatment up to Rs.25 lakh. The free treatment scheme in Rajasthan is a wonder in the entire nation. We have been purchasing paddy for Rs.2,500 per quintal in Chhattisgarh. The price of paddy purchasing is high in Chhattisgarh only in the nation. The women are travelling freely in RTC buses in Karnataka. The government is depositing money in their accounts. The Congress will stick to its word”.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress party would do justice to all regardingPodu and assigned lands in Telangana. “We will implement six guarantees in Telangana. We will declare the Sammakka-Sarakka festival as a national festival after coming to power”, he said.

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