Thursday, November 30, 2023

TS will see disaster if Cong wins: CM KCR

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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao observed on Wednesday that, should the Congress come to power after the November 30 Assembly elections in the state, they will discontinue schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, Dalit Bandhu, and 24-hour free electricity supply to farmers.

Addressing a rally at Jadcherla, KCR said: “Just before coming to power in Karnataka the Congress had promised it would ensure uninterrupted electricity supply for 20 hours to farmers, but now they say that they will be able to supply power for only five hours. Congress chief in Telangana feels that KCR is ‘unnecessarily’ providing power to ryots for 24 hours.According to them, only three hours’ power supply is enough, KCR added.
Addressing farmers, KCR said, “If we work hard for 10more years, and if you work hard for 10 more years; you will become a great farmer in India”.
KCR said, “Don’t trust Congress, Telangana will see disaster if Congress wins. During the Telangana movement, we visited every nook and corner of Mahbubnagar district and saw the plight of people… It is unfortunate that the leaders from the same district were opposing PalamuruRangareddy lift scheme. Stupid opposition leaders are creating hurdles to the lift scheme. Do you know how much water there is in Jurala? Do you know how many days are enough? Just put your hand on your heart and think. In 1956, there was a small mistake and we suffered a lot till the separate state was formed”, he said.
KCR asserted: “The Congress destroyed Telangana. The Congress party made us go to Bombay to work as laborers and migrate. Congress leaders are filing cases and obstructing the project. But ultimately dharma and justice will win. I started the Palamuru upliftscheme.
Narlapur, Yedula, Wattem, Uddandapur in Jadcherla constituency will benefit farmers. Reservoirs are completed. All the tunnels are completed. All the motors are being fitted. We are going to see water in all the reservoirs in the next two to three months. 90 per cent of the Palamuru works have been completed; the remaining will be completed soon. Permissions are coming. If Palamuru is completed, the district will become a gold mine”.
KCR said, “Nearest area to Hyderabad is Jadcherla. It is 40 minutes away from Shamshabad.Lakshma Reddy brought SEZ. Many people got jobs. I assure you that I am responsible for developing it as an industrial center and an IT hub”.
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