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Jacqueline’s lawyer responds to Nora’s defamation suit

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The news of actress Nora Fatehi filing a defamation suit against actress Jacqueline Fernandez and some other media houses has become the talk of the town. Both actresses had their names pop up in the Rs 200 crore extortion case involving conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar. However, now Jacqueline’s lawyer has responded to the lawsuit.

Jacqueline’s lawyer Prashant Patil had told Etimes that his client hasn’t spoken against Nora in public so there is no question of defamation here.

He said, “Jacqueline has not made any statement in front of any electronic or print media against Nora or for that matter, any other person. She has consciously avoided talking about the Enforcement Directorate proceedings. Till date she has maintained the sanctity of law and because the matter is sub-judice she has always avoided to speak in front of print and social media. Having said that, we have not received any official copy of the suit filed by Nora. Once we receive an official confirmation or an order of the Honourable Court, we will respond to it legally.”

The advocate had further said that Jacqueline has the utmost respect for Nora. “My client has the utmost respect for Nora. There definitely has been some sort of miscommunication. Quoting anybody’s reply, filed before an adjudicating authority, is a matter of pure judicial proceeding. Any statement made during the course of arguments made before a judicial proceeding cannot be quoted in the public domain, the way it has been quoted now. My client has no intention to defame Nora or for that matter anybody else. If Jacqueline is dragged to any legal court, she will respond legally to protect her own dignity,” he added.

Apart from this, an industry source also expressed disbelief in the actress filing the defamation suit against Jacqueline Fernandez. The quote said, “It’s shocking that Nora has filed a defamation on media as well as Jacqueline. Saying somethings to competent authorities during an ongoing investigation is not defamation. It’s not as if Jacqueline has given media quotes and held a press conference in the matter. She has only co-operated in investigation and is fighting her case. Actually since the case is an ongoing investigation Jacqueline has maintained a very dignified media silence on the issue.”

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