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Jagan appoints Gudivada Amarnath as in-charge of Gajuwaka constituency

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Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appointed Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath as the in-charge of the Gajuwaka constituency, marking a pivotal decision amid recent uncertainties surrounding Gudivada’s electoral prospects. Gudivada Amarnath, hailing from Gajuwaka, has had a dynamic political journey, beginning with the Congress Party in 2006 and subsequently transitioning to the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 2011 before finding a home in YSR Congress Party ahead of the 2014 elections. Despite setbacks, his victory as an MLA from the Anakapalli constituency in the 2019 elections attested to his resilience.
Recent concerns about Gudivada’s representation of the Anakapalli constituency and speculations regarding his electoral future have cast doubts on his political trajectory. However, Jagan’s appointment of Gudivada as the in-charge of Gajuwaka signifies a significant shift in Gudivada Amarnath’s political narrative, providing a much-needed reprieve.
During a recent meeting with the Chief Minister in Anakapalli, Gudivada raised his apprehensions regarding the mounting uncertainties surrounding his electoral prospects. In response, Jagan provided reassurances, pledging his unwavering support for Gudivada Amarnath and affirming his commitment to accommodate him in the forthcoming elections. This appointment not only shapes Gudivada’s political trajectory but also impacts the internal dynamics within the YSRCP, particularly in Gajuwaka.
Meanwhile, tensions have been simmering within Gajuwaka, with conflicts emerging between MLA Tippala Nagireddy and the current in-charge, Urukuti Ramachandra Rao. The resignation of MLA’s son Devan Reddy from the position of in-charge last December further exacerbated the discord. Gudivada Amarnath’s appointment is viewed as a strategic move to quell tensions and fortify the party’s stronghold in the constituency.

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