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Jagan, Avinash behind Viveka murder: Sunitha

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In a startling revelation ahead of the upcoming general elections, the unresolved case of the brutal murder of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy at his residence in Pulivendula, Kadapa district, nearly five years ago, has resurfaced. Dr. Sunitha Narreddy, Viveka’s daughter, made a sensational statement on Friday, holding her cousins and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, along with Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy, responsible for her father’s murder.
Expressing her frustration over the sluggish pace of the Central Bureau of Investigation’s (CBI) investigation, Sunitha appealed to the public for justice, citing a lack of hope from the judicial system. She urged the people to thwart Jagan and his party’s prospects in the forthcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh, believing that justice would only be served if they were defeated. Sunitha warned that a return to power for Jagan would likely impede any progress in the case. Sunitha expressed her gratitude towards opposition figures such as TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu, Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan, former MP Kanumuru Raghu Ramakrishna Raju, and her cousin Y S Sharmila, who have supported her quest for justice.

This gesture was seen as an indirect appeal to the public to support the TDP-Jana Sena Party coalition in the upcoming elections.
In a poignant statement, Sunitha emphasised the presence of the real culprits within society and questioned the message sent to the public when murderers roam free. Accusing Jagan of deceit and betrayal, she called for an investigation into his alleged involvement in the case, asserting that exoneration was possible if he is innocent.
Sunitha recounted her past attempts to seek justice, including her plea to CM Jagan for a judicial inquiry into her father’s murder, only to be met with resistance and political manoeuvring. She highlighted instances of harassment against her and her husband by the authorities and accused parties, citing attempts to obstruct the CBI’s investigation. Sunitha also referenced the tumultuous scenes at a Kurnool hospital when the CBI attempted to apprehend Avinash, allegedly orchestrated by members of the YSRC party.

The allegations made by Sunitha have reignited public interest in the Viveka murder case, raising pertinent questions about accountability and justice in Andhra Pradesh’s political landscape.

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