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JSP will sail with TDP

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan gave a direct message to the BJP during the meeting at Sattenapalli on Sunday that JSP will be sailing with TDP in the coming elections, Water Resources Minister Ambati Rambabu has said. He said that JSP would form an alliance with TDP. Whether BJP comes together or not, JSP will move ahead with Chandrababu in the next election.

“We have been saying since the beginning that Pawan Kalyan will sail with Chandrababu,” the minister said. BJP leaders should realise this and even the Jana Sena activists should also know this as they think their leader will become CM, he said. “Pawan said, ‘I can sit at home or do movies, but floated the party to do justice to the homeland. Votes will not be split and ensure that Jagan Mohan Reddy will not become CM again.’ Instead of saying all this rubbish tell us about taking packages from Chandrababu,” asked the minister.

PK had said that if Jagan Mohan Reddy became CM, he would leave politics in 2019. People have understood well that whatever Pawan Kalyan says, the opposite will happen. Earlier, PK said that he had no caste or religion and referred to Gurram Jashua during the meeting.

The minister told PK to change the name of his election campaign vehicle, which was very strange. Varahi is the name of a goddess and Pawan Kalyan will ride on the avatar of the goddess, which is one among Dasavatharams.

The minister found fault with the words of PK criticising the food served during the BC Maha Sabha. The minister further said that mid-day meals were being provided to children in all government schools, more than during what was served during 2014-19.

“PK selected Sattenapalli to criticise me as Sattenapalli was my constituency and if the allegations are proved I am ready to quit,” Ambati Rambabu said.

The government is giving Rs 7 lakh to the families of the farmers who committed suicide, he said and challenged to prove the corruption in it. PK is a curse to the Kapu community as he takes packages from Chandrababu and does injustice to Kapus, said the minister.

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