Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kamareddy celebrates Prophet Mohammed’s birthday

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A confluence of faiths and ideas celebrated Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday in Kamareddy, with speakers from Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, and Christianity emphasizing the common values of humanity and peace in religion.

Former Minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir was chief guest for the historic meeting Jalsa-e-Jashn-e-Rahmatul Lil Aalameen (PBUH) which witnessed the presence of Anwar ul Uloom Educational Society Chairman Mahboob Alam Khan, Sajjada Nasheen of Dargah Syed Afzal Biyabani (RA) Janab Kushro Pasha, eminent religious scholars of Islam, priests of Hindu and Christian communities at Satya Gardens, Kamareddy on Sunday night.

Shabbir Ali condemned violence and oppression masked in religious guise, criticizing the exploitative usage of religion for political gain by groups like the BJP-BRS. He underscored that the true essence of any religion is love, justice, and respect and that feelings of superiority and discriminatory practices have no place in any faith.

The Congress leader encouraged direct, empathic interactions and shared experiences among people, warning against the superficiality of social media connections and the instrumentalization of religion for violent and tyrannical agendas. He reminded attendees of the indispensable synergy between peace and justice in society and promoted his commitment to secularism, equality, and justice, asserting that the Congress party champions the equal respect and representation of all religions.

Shah Mahbub Alam criticized the BRS government’s perceived lack of secular rule and its opposition to minority leaders like Shabbir Ali. He warned that singularly focused strategies can lead to broader failures.

Yagnam Sampath Kumar Sharma, Praneet Sharma, and Arvind Sharma, representing Hinduism, spoke of universal peace and collective progress, citing Vedic teachings that stress the elimination of sorrow and attainment of happiness for all.

Sardar Narender Singh, representing Sikhism, stressed the oneness of God across all religions and humanity’s detachment from divine truth. He hailed Shabbir Ali as a leader capable of uniting diverse religious factions.

Mufti Abrar, representing Islam, highlighted the importance of humanity and the unconditional stance against violence in Islam. He explained Islam’s teaching on the sanctity of life, equating saving or taking a single life with impacting all of humanity.

Pastor Isaiah and Pastor Prakash, representing Christianity, conveyed God’s desire for man to live in love and harmony, expressing concern over humanity’s deviation from divine likeness and virtues. They championed the pursuit of love and unity under leaders like Shabbir Ali.

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