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Claudia Ciesla: I wondered why ten years ago, actresses were fascinated with ‘size zero’

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Actress-model Claudia Ciesla takes The Pioneer through her true calling of nutrition and wellness, the importance of a fit and healthy body, and more.


Claudia is a highly regarded nutritionist, model, and actress with a deep-rooted passion for promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. While her career began in the glamour industry, her true calling lies in the field of nutrition and wellness.

With a successful career, the actress and model expresses in an exclusive interview with us, “My mother is Polish, I hold a dual-citizenship. I grew up in Poland. Gradually over the years, I shifted to Germany for professional reasons. It was through modelling that I got an opportunity to come to India and act in mainstream Bollywood. But Poland is a more family-oriented country and this is the only reason I could shift my base to India because the cultures complement each other. The people of Germany are only interested in realising net profit, and so much of formalities. I remember my manager from Germany who actually used to take appointments to meet his mother, I was appalled.”

We understood her transition to mainstream Bollywood additionally, we are sure the Bigg Boss fans remember her television outing. Rather interesting! So how did Claudia’s work take her there? Well, she mentions, “I didn’t have much knowledge about Bigg Boss then—got this offer in Germany. I was just following the scenario of Big Brother and went ahead with the Indian version of it. Now the manager made me understand that it’s the country’s biggest reality show! I immediately flew to India without knowing Hindi but I was positively surprised with the fame I received. The popularity made me stay back. Now India is my home and I am so pleased to be here.”

There was a bijou hiatus, where was Claudia for a little while? The certified nutritionist clarified, “Look, my work took me to different countries, exposing me to diverse people, cultures, and experiences. During these travels, my insatiable appetite for food and nutrition was ignited, sparking a quest to delve deeper into the culinary world. My nutrition talk show is running successfully! Of course, people know me as an actress, but my involvement in the film industry emphasized the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy body, not only as a priority but also as a necessity. I am getting offers from the movies but they are not standard work for me. I cannot boost my image by picking up anything and everything. I am not feeling motivated enough to come back on-screen. I don’t sign roles for money. Perhaps, that’s why you saw me less. Presently, I am in talks with some big production houses.”

She dedicated herself to understanding and nourishing her body, spending countless hours studying books, research articles, journals, magazines, and blogs that explored the intricate relationship between nutrition and the human body. This thirst for knowledge led her to pursue a degree in diet and nutrition, further solidifying her expertise in the field.

Furthermore, Claudia believes, “Ten years ago in this industry, the only news that was circulating was of size zero. Actresses were determined to follow this fad just to be on some magazine covers. Or maybe look great when they take a holiday! I wonder why they took this shortcut diet. I used to see so many models surviving only on black coffee. So throughout my career, I frequently encountered individuals who inquired about my own methods of maintaining a healthy physique. I believe that there is no secret formula, and the answer is surprisingly simple: a commitment to consuming a healthy, balanced, and wholesome diet. I am passionate about dispelling the misconceptions surrounding the term diet. I also believe that a diet should not involve torture, tasteless food, or deprivation. Instead, it should be seen as a sustainable lifestyle change, forming the foundation of one’s food habits and daily routine.”

In her book, Keep Eating Keep Losing, Claudia confronts the world’s biggest misconception surrounding diets and provides invaluable insights on how to achieve and maintain a healthy body. Her aim is to transform the perception of dieting, making it a positive and enjoyable experience. By offering practical tips and advice, she guides individuals toward embracing a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor or experiencing feelings of weakness and frustration. She advocates for consuming the right food at the right time and proportions to unlock boundless energy, confidence, happiness, and satisfaction.

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