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KCR demands probe into Adani group’s businesses

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Months after renaming the TRS as the BRS, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao said that name changers are pure drama, and that the country needs people who can change work. Responding to a question on renaming Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar, KCR said, “Name changes are mere drama, the BRS are game changers.”

On Sunday, KCR attacked the Centre over coal imports and its ‘love’ for Adani and demanded that the ‘scam’ engineered by the Adani Group should be examined by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). He asserted that the Life Insurance Corporation is under pressure from the Centre to produce a misleading declaration because of its involvement with the Adani Group.

He claimed that the entire nation is concerned since the Indian banking system is involved in this matter.“The Congress and the BJP ruled India for 70 years in the 75 years after Independence. Others came and went for a year or two. So these two parties are responsible for whatever we are suffering from. The Congress and the BJP are the same.

‘Same bhashanbaji. Tera Ambani toh mera Adani,’ KCR said during a meeting.
After addressing a public rally, BRS leader KCR said the Centre is pressuring states to import coal which is supplied by the Adani Group, during a news conference in Nanded, a city in Maharashtra.

Coal import is “cheating” the nation, and the BRS will not tolerate it, KCR said.
The Chief Minister made fun of Union FM Nirmala Sitharaman for normalising the Adani scandal, saying that Nirmala was intelligent and that such a massive fraud could be normal for her but not for the people whose money was invested in it either directly or indirectly through the LIC and banks.

KCR said the Centre did everything possible to prevent Pfizer from entering India, especially when people were ready to buy Covid-19 vaccines.He proposed an increase in the number of seats in legislative bodies like the Assembly, Council, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha by a third of the existing strength and reserving all such seats for women by completing the delimitation process within a year.

He claimed that when it came to smaller States, a methodical approach was required while taking administrative convenience and consensus into account. The BRS would start a discussion on the reorganisation of States, he said.

KCR promised to nationalise the power sector if the BRS comes to power in the next Lok Sabha elections. He also targeted Prime Minister Modi for accusing him of privatising the power sector.

“India has 361 billion tonnes of coal. We have so many resources, despite that we are talking about private players like Adani Power, Ambani Power. If the power sector is privatised they (companies) will blackmail the government,” KCR said.

“Modi is in power today. He can privatise the power sector as much as he wants but after 2024 it’s us who will come to power and we will take it (power sector) back. We will nationalise the power sector. Ninety per cent of it will be kept in the public sector,” KCR added.

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