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‘KCR friendly with BJP, deceived Left parties’

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The CPI and the CPM said that the BRS has entered into a deal with the BJP and that BRS supremo Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao deceived the Left. CPI State Secretary Kunamneni Sambasiva Rao said that KCR did not follow the ‘Ethics of Friendship’ (Mitra Dharma). KCR has been giving a new definition to politics, that is, ‘politics means cheating,’ he said and made it clear that KCR will be affected due to the withdrawal of support by the Left.

Speaking to the media after the CPI State Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, Kunamneni said that the Left will not criticize KCR personally and that the Left will do so on the basis of policy.

“We will try hard to show the strength of the Left in the next elections,” he said. He asked KCR to explain whether the BJP is a danger to the nation or not. Was it possible for KCR to defeat the BJP in Munugode by-poll without the support of the Left, he asked KCR. CPM State Secretary Thammineni Veerabhadram said that there are no differences between the CPI and the CPM and that they will work together. He recalled that Left parties extended support to the BRS during the Munugode by-poll to defeat the BJP.

It was KCR who approached the Left for help in Munugode. KCR had said after the Munugode by-poll that the Left are friendly parties of the BRS, he said. Thammineni said that KCR took a unilateral decision to announce BRS candidates for the Assembly elections. He said that the Left are with the INDIA Alliance but KCR has been stating that it is not possible for the BRS to join hands with INDIA as the BRS has been fighting the Congress in Telangana. “We are with INDIA to fight the BJP,” he said. He made it clear that there is no complaint with the BRS over seat sharing, but the problem with the BRS is the change in its political policy. Thammineni said that KCR might be keeping the Left away as the Left is with INDIA.

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