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KCR, Nitesh have their won political line

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Now it is clear that the political lines of Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar are different even though their objectives are the same.

Both KCR and Nitish have decided to fight the BJP to prevent it from coming to power in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. But their political lines are different as evidenced by the latest statement of Nitish on attending the February 17 BRS meeting in Hyderabad.

KCR decided to inaugurate the new secretariat building on February 17, his birthday. KCR also decided to organise a huge public meeting in Hyderabad and invited non-BJP and non-Congress Chief Ministers including Nitish Kumar.

Nitish expressed his inability to attend the public meeting and KCR asked him to send his party representatives. Nitish agreed to send his party leaders to attend KCR’s public meeting.

Nitish made it clear that he has not yet given up his efforts to unite the opposition including the Congress against the BJP. This indicates that Nitish wants all opposition parties should unite with the Congress to take on the BJP. But this is against KCR’s political line.

KCR wants all regional parties and opposition parties to unite against the BJP and the Congress and wants to maintain equidistance from both the BJP and the Congress.

But Nitish and some other opposition leaders like Sharad Pawar want to join hands with the Congress to fight the BJP. But Nitish assured KCR that he would send his party leaders to attend the public meeting being held at Hyderabad on February 17.

Even though the ideologies of KCR and Nitish Kumar are different their opposition to the BJP unites them.

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