Thursday, November 30, 2023

KCR vows to do a lot more for Gajwel

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PNS | Hyderabad

Chief Minister KCR made it clear that the BRS will achieve a hat-trick victory in the Assembly elections. “What is needed is yet to be done and much more needs to be done. Don’t be satisfied with what you have achieved. The quest for excellence is unending. If the development of Telangana shouldn’t stop the BRS must win again.
We are winning 95 to 105 seats. There is no doubt in that,” he said.

KCR held a meeting with the BRS leaders of Gajwel constituency at the convention hall in Tumkunta in the Toopran area.

“Jehangir bhai asked, what is the matter with you? Why are you going to Kamareddy? There is a reason for that. I said why should I go there as I have houses and land in Gajwel. I said I will stay here, you need not worry. Whoever wins in Gajwel will be the government in the state. It’s going on for ages. So definitely he said stay here,” KCR said on the occasion.

KCR said that more people died of fear of the Coronavirus than the virus itself. “I wanted to ensure that everyone in Gajwel has a house but couldn’t do so due to demonetisation and the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

“How much majority you will give depends on you. People know who we are. We have come to a certain level. We will do the remaining work in our next term. There is a pain when I go around in Gajwel due to my responsibility. There is only one thing missing for me. I am an MLA but I was hardly seen in the constituency. That is a big problem. In the middle of it, the coronavirus pandemic broke out. In our next term, I will allocate one day every month to the constituency and discuss its development with key functionaries,” he said.

KCR made it clear that it is his responsibility to develop Gajwel as a benchmark for the state in all fields. He said that in all parts of India, groundwater levels have fallen but in Telangana, groundwater levels have risen. That was possible only due to the Kaleshwaram Project, the Kondapochamma and the Mallanna Sagar projects.

“We built the project’s first phase. Congress people and others criticized and blocked them,” he said. He said that there are more development projects to be executed in the second phase and water should be supplied to all villages. He said that projects have been constructed to store 65 TMC of water in Gajwel and these projects will be very helpful in future.

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