Tuesday, December 5, 2023

KCR’s affidavit proves Dharani full of mistakes

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YSRTP Chief YS Sharmila Reddy said that KCR’s brainchild Dharani Portal is full of mistakes as can be seen from the affidavit of KCR himself.
Speaking to the media on Saturday, she said that if the Chief Minister got more land, then God knows what is going on with the common man.
She said that Dharani is the magic of changing survey numbers to show who has land and who don’t have it.
Shamrila said that the Dharani Portal’s problems exist in every village in the State. She said that problems due to Dharani are there from the Tehsildar to the courts.
She said that she would be ashamed of KCR’s thugs for grabbing farmers’ lands and forcing farmers to go around courts. Dharani was introduced not to clear disputes but to grab lands, she said.
She said that Dharani increased the assets of dacoits. The people have to remove KCR from the CM’s post to see that there will not be Dharani problems in future, Sharmila said.
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