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KCR’s push points to early polls

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Secretariat, Martyrs Memorial, identifying 2 BHK benficiaries on fast track now


Signs of early poll seem to appear in Telangana as the pace at which decisions are being taken and deadlines are set. The government has set a deadline for the new secretariat in February. Officials are feeling the heat to get it done in two months. Minister K T Rama Rao a week ago said that the secretariat is “Couple of months away from inauguration”. CM KCR also called for expediting martyrs memorial that was being constructed right opposite the Secretariat complex was aimed at ensuring that the sacrifices made by them could be remembered all the time.

TRS leaders believe that CM KCR will dissolve the assembly in February and go for elections along with Karnataka.It seems that in his third term, the Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao wants to set his foot in the new secretariat. On the other hand, collectors were asked to select beneficiaries for the 1.29 lakh 2BHKs that are completed and ready for allotment by January 15. Even as the budget session is scheduled for February, CM KCR has called for a one week assembly session in December. In this session, CM aims to expose the Central government on imposing sanctions on borrowings to Telangana. In January, Telangana government also distributes Rythu Bandhu. Recently Government was allowed to raise Rs3500crore through bond auctions in November and December.

This apart, Chief Minister’s directed to call for tenders for road repairs will be invited and related works within a fortnight. Top level officials are also seeing a signs of change. A top official indicating political changes said, “What’s going on now is good, but we cannot say what will happen in two months”.

Despite CM KCR making it clear to party leaders again that the elections to the State Assembly would be held as per schedule in November-December 2023 and there is no chance and need to go for early poll, the actions seem to indicate something else.

Political analysts believe that upto January CM will not dissolve the assembly considering the pending works, but what happens in February will be awaited.

However party leaders are wondering if the legislators spend more time in their constituencies from now on, stay closer to people as much as possible and educate people on the welfare and development schemes implemented by the State Government, how will it remain fresh in the memory of the electorate until next year.

It may be mentioned here that the This comes at a time when IT and ED raids are intensifying against TRS leaders even as the state is retaliating with its own version of SIT on poaching of MLAs.

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