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KCR’s stock improves at national level

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Making a mockery of the weakness of the opposition parties, that tremble with fear to raise an accusing finger towards  BL Santosh, the Telangana SIT served a notice on the prominent political figure enhancing the image of KCR at the national level.

Marthi Subrahmanyam

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has emerged as a national star following the SIT serving notice on BL Santosh, BJP General Secretary, who is a crucial leader in the saffron party, which has the highest number of MPs and is a ruling party in majority of the states.

Making a mockery of the weakness of the opposition parties, that tremble with fear to raise an accusing finger towards  BL Santosh, the Telangana SIT served a notice on the prominent political figure enhancing the image of KCR at the national level.  

Now KCR is hogging the limelight. This is attributed to the initiative shown by KCR in poaching of TRS MLAs.Many people might not have heard the name Bommarabettu Lakshmi Janardhan Santosh. In short, he is called as BL Santosh. Only certain level of BJP leaders are familiar with the name. He is holding the position of BJP National Sanghatana Mahamantri. It translates to the BJP national general secretary. His clearance is needed to change the BJP state unit presidents. Also, his permission is needed to change CMs in BJP ruled states. His permission is mandatory to take any decision with regards to the BJP.

The BJP has a national president, but only for the name sake. The real authority is wielded by Santosh Saab. Amit Shah is the boss for all, but Santoshji is Amit Shah’s boss.It is not difficult to get appointment of PM Modi or Home Minister Amit Shah, but getting an appointment of Santoshji is extremely difficult. By this, once can image the extent of clout he enjoys in higher echelons of power.

In fact, many people in media may not aware of him and his clout because he always maintains low profile.  He is not known for venturing out and issuing statements. He sits within the four walls and runs the party. He is the behind the screen man of the party. Many might have seen his face in Google, but not outside.

Leaders of the stature like Modi and Amit Shah meets him, but Santosh never approaches these high profile leaders. Santoshji’s recommendations are very crucial in appointment BJP state unit presidents and governors of the states. This is not his personal greatness, but the greatness imposed on him by virtue of his office.

He acts as a go between the RSS and BJP and holds the hand of the BJP and make it function.Will anyone try to clash with a mountain? Will anyone scratch their head with fire? Will anyone play with fire?  Any sensible person would not do that. No politician dreaming big on their future will never dream of clashing with him. But, KCR did it.The boldness displayed by KCR is out of ordinary. He took the bold step staking his political future. As Santoshji’s name was heard in poaching of the TRS MLAs, KCR took the bold step to implicate the high profile BJP leader in a case with the help of the SIT. The step earned KCR hero worship at the national level.  

He emerged as a nucleus for the Opposition parties that are left leadersless. KCR emerged as a political torch-bearer to the Opposition parties in their struggle against the BJP.
KCR did what stalwarts like Sonia Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Nitish Kumar, Mamata Bannerjee, Kejriwal, Stalin, Hemant Soren failed to do.

In fact, all these leaders suffered at the hands of the BJP and facing ED, IT and CBI cases. Their fight against the BJP so far could be described as unilateral.They tremble with fear at the very sight of the monolith BJP even if they want to fight against the common enemy united. KCR showed them the way to fight against the BJP. KCR has created a favourable situation for the BJP-hit parties to wage their struggle.

Bringing Santoshji before the SIT was synonymous with bring Modi and Amit Shah before the SIT, it is felt. That is why, KCR became a hero in the perspective of the Opposition parties.

As per the Telangana High Court directions, Santoshji has no alternative except to appear before the SIT. SIT sought Delhi police commissioner’s help to serve notice on Santoshji. If Santoshji failed to secure stay from SC, he is supposed to appear before SIT in Hyderabad.
The efforts made by BJP advocates to prevent Santoshji from appearing before the SIT did not fructify. The HC orders prohibiting the police to arrest him brought great relief to the BJP. The HC directions making it compulsory for him to appear before the SIT brought relief to KCR government.  Objective of KCR to divert attention of the world to the SIT proceedings has been fulfilled. The Telangana High Court, in a way, rendered equal justice to the BJP as well as KCR.

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