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Komatireddy denies Maheshwar’s allegations

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Venkat Reddy says Maheshwar Reddy is Gali Janardhan Reddy for Kishan Reddy and Eatala Rajender

Countering BJLP leader Maheshwar Reddy’s statement that he had informed Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari and Amit Shah that he is ready to play Eknath Shinde’s role, Roads and Buildings Minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy challenged Maheshwar Reddy to bring Nitin Gadkari and Amit Shah to Charminar Bhagyalaxmi Temple to take a pledge regarding Maheshwar Reddy’s allegations against him if he had the guts.
Addressing the media on Saturday, Venkat said that only God knows whether he is a Shinde or not but Aleti Maheshwar Reddy is Naya Gali Janardhan Reddy for Telangana BJP President G. Kishan Reddy and former Minister Eatala Rajender.
Saying that there is a big conspiracy behind Maheshwar Reddy’s comments, Venkat said that he took political birth in the Congress and will die in the Congress.
He said that Komatireddy means Congress and Congress means Komatireddy.
Venkat said that Maheshwar Reddy’s allegations were beyond truth and that Maheshwar is lying and making false allegations against him.
“During the recent Assembly session, Maheshwar requested me to help him to join the Congress. The same Maheshwar is making allegations against me. Maheshwar appealed to me saying ‘Anna, I am ready to join the Congress if you give me a Minister post.’ Then I said that the Congress has a good majority and the party has no intention to induct anyone. Keeping that in mind, Maheshwar is making false allegations against me,” Venkat said.
He said that Maheshwar has a habit of changing parties every five years. “However, I have not changed my party since I joined politics. Maheshwar was in parties like Prajarajyam, Congress, the BJP and is in touch with the BRS too,” Venkat said alleging that Maheshwar was mentally not sound.
Venkat said the BJP is a party that had set up a Joining Committee unlike other parties and also appointed a Chairman for it. However, not even a single councillor joined the BJP.
Venkat said that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy is trying hard to bail out the state, which is facing financial problems. However, Maheshwar is alleging that Revanth is sending money to Delhi, he said.
The BJP is in power in 12 states and it has alliances in four states and is also sending money to Prime Minister Modi and BJP President JP Nadda.
Venkat said that it is shameful that the BJP, which is ‘looting’ money from the people and ‘handing it over to Ambani and Adani,’ is criticising other political parties.
Terming Maheshwar as a joker in politics, Venkat said that Maheshwar told him during the Assembly session that his party is speaking only about Ram Mandir but not about the state’s development.

“Maheshwar asked that whether votes will come if one speaks about Ram Mandir in Telangana. Maheshwar said he won elections with his own image and that the BJP is of no use to him. Maheshwar said that they had to go to New Delhi if they wanted to elect a mandal president. Maheshwar said the BJP is not a political party, but it is the corporate branch of Ambani and Adani. Maheshwar said that he would have become a Minister if he had stayed in the Congress. Surprisingly, the same Maheshwar called me Eknath Shinde. Maheshwar said that he was ready to change party even this night but no one responded in the Congress. Now, Maheshwar is making such comments against me,” Venkat said.
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