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KTR argues with ED officials

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BRS MLA KT Rama Rao was seen arguing with ED officials before Kavitha was taken into custody. He said that the ED officials did not have a transit warrant to take her to New Delhi.

A video from inside K. Kavitha’s house showed KTR saying, “Madam Bhanu Priya Meena says the search is over and an arrest warrant has been issued, but they don’t have a transit warrant. And now she says family cannot come in?”
He said, “You (ED officials) have given an undertaking in the Supreme Court, and now you are violating it. You are in serious trouble (for violating terms of an undertaking to the top court).” The ED official replied, “You have legal remedies.”
A transit warrant, or a transit remand order, is a judicial magistrate’s directive assigning an arrested individual to police custody before they can be moved legally across state borders.
The ED official was seen asking, “How did you come in? How did they come in? Ask them that question…” To this, an associate of KTR replied, “Madam, the door was open. The door was open.”
“The search is over and an arrest warrant has been produced. Now she (the ED official) says you can’t come in. Family cannot come in and she also says they have no transit warrant and cannot produce before a magistrate, but she wants to make a case,” KTR said in the video.

The panchnama of the arrest said that when the search concluded at 7 pm, around 20 persons claiming themselves to be Kavitha’s brothers, lawyers and other relatives entered the premises forcibly without showing identity cards and created a ruckus.

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