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Poll surveys hint at power shift in AP

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The recent flurry of poll surveys conducted by various organisations has left YSRCP leaders and cadre disheartened, with predictions favouring the victory of the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance.
The latest survey by ABP-C voters further solidified this forecast, foreseeing success for the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance in the upcoming elections. “The national media’s exit poll surveys are indicating an imminent shift in power away from the YSRCP,” remarked a TDP spokesperson.
Adding to the concern within the YSRCP camp, a senior TDP leader suggested that Jana Sena chief K. Pawan Kalyan’s rallying cry, “Hallow AP…bye bye YCP,” might soon become a reality. Except for a couple, most national surveys conducted by reputable organisations are predicting a triumphant outcome for the three-party alliance in Andhra Pradesh. These findings have dealt a blow to Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s ambitious goal of ‘Why Not 175’.
ABP and C Voter, known for their methodical approach to exit polls, have once again garnered attention for their accurate predictions in past elections. Their latest exit poll survey suggests that the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance is poised to secure 20 Lok Sabha seats, with a significant 44.7% share of the votes. Meanwhile, the YSRCP is anticipated to clinch only five Lok Sabha seats, according to the ABP-C Voter survey.
Furthermore, the survey indicates that the ruling YSRCP is expected to secure 41.9% of the votes, while the Congress trails with a mere 3% share. The ABP-C Voter’s reputation for employing scientific methodologies in their exit poll surveys adds weight to these findings. Additionally, the News 18 exit poll survey aligns with these projections, forecasting that the alliance could secure 18 Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh, a sentiment echoed by India Today’s predictions as well.

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