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KTR: ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan won’t give you food or job

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BRS working president KTR asked karyakartas to explain to youth that

‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan won’t give you food or job . Speaking at Malkajgiri Parliamentary meeting, KTR said, “BRS is a secular party. If kids say “Jai Shri Ram”, explain to them that “Jai Shri ram” slogan won’t fill your stomach. Jai Shri Ram slogan won’t give you job. We don’t need emotions, but we need employment. We need people who fight for you. He said, “Congress party tried to impose on us by bringing a dummy candidate. In Malkajgiri, we have competition with the BJP. Everyone knows this. If Eatala Rajender has guts, he should tell what Modi did to Malkajgiri and ask for votes. He did nothing for this constituency”. KTR asked what did Modi do in 10 years? “One can see what KCR has done in 10 years. KCR has done many development and welfare programmes. We will tell you what KCR did. If they asked for land in the Cantonment for 10 years, they ignored it.
The file was moved by a person named Giridhar, a Telugu officer,” KTR said.
KTR said that Revanth Reddy’s philosophy is to claim credit for others’ work. “He should have some shame to take credit for BRS work. Even Revanth Reddy did not think that he would win.
Until now, he said that BRS and BJP were one and the same. Now you are saying that the previous government has bowed down to the BJP.  It is sad to see Revanth Reddy telling lies and spreading.
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