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Laksmi Manchu using her position to effect significant change with Teach For Change

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Actor and philanthropist Lakshmi Manchu orchestrated a dazzling runway event for Teach for Change’s Annual Fundraiser fashion show in Hyderabad recently. Therefore, in this week’s community wise, The Pioneer talks to her about spearheading a worthy cause and giving kids in government institutions a top-notch education.

These days, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna is always at the forefront of everything, especially philanthropy. Her Teach for Change Annual Fundraiser has become a byword for supporting meaningful initiatives, and this year was no exception! The event, which aims to raise money and awareness for the foundation’s worthy cause, features a number of distinguished celebrities gracing the runway.
Teach For Change is that NGO that seeks to raise the standard of education in government schools. The organization, which was founded in 2014, offers two programs that deal with the fundamental issues that government schools face. The flagship volunteer program fills leadership and staffing gaps in government schools by providing volunteer teachers amongst others. The participation of a well-known actress has only served to further increase volunteerism. Speaking on the subject, Lakshmi Manchu states, “My involvement made me realize to only further develop the cause. Though we didn’t have a big vision, the inspiration was really that of what can we do for our kids. Since we began with solely high-quality education, we have gone a long way, and now we have digital classrooms for them. I firmly think that improving government education in this country would only lead to a better future.”
Her goal is to empower every child, irrespective of their family’s financial situation, and assist them in realizing their greatest potential by winning the community’s support! By embracing technology and persistently developing into a creative, scalable, and forward-thinking company that improves & transforms lives via high-quality education. “We don’t go and interfere with anything that the government is already doing,” Lakshmi Manchu continued. “All we’re doing is strengthening their efforts! For instance, while they do have classrooms, Teach For a Change transforms them into digital ones. They do really have a staffing shortage, but there isn’t much we can do about it. In order to help the government instructors multitask more effectively, we go out and teach them more leadership skills. The most problem arises here because it appears that the faculty believes we are there to steal their jobs. No, they’re not getting us.”
Her sole purpose is to establish a network of competent volunteers who are passionate about bringing about change in the educational system. We learned from our talk with her that she is primarily interested in cutting-edge techniques that will upend established systems and produce fruitful, measurable results! “Actor Harshavardhan Rane is walking for me for the fifth time; I adore building communities. For the past eight walks, Shriya has walked for me more than three times. Is that even possible to imagine? They see value in volunteering their time for this fundraising even though they are extremely busy actors. We have made a lovely study space for them, in case you missed the before and after pictures, to ensure that they never get bored. Low-lying tables are there, and kids can also learn from the wall murals. We are attempting to provide them with the same facilities that any youngster attending a pricey private school would have access to.”
At the Teach For Change Annual Fundraiser Fashion Show in Hyderabad, actress Shruti Hassan stole the show on the runway. The Hyderabad-hosted Annual Fundraiser Fashion Show was a huge success! The event was made even more spectacular by Shruti Hassan’s appearance, who championed the cause of high-quality education for impoverished children while walking the ramp with poise and grace. Showstopper gave a speech regarding the occasion, saying, “I’m thrilled to participate this year. Lakshmi has been actively involved in Teach for Change’s distinctive efforts within Government schools. It is crucial to guarantee that every child obtains a top-notch education, and her NGO is making progress in Telangana. With any luck, this project will eventually cover all of South India and the country as a whole. Together, let’s all make little contributions to make a big difference.”

The two main things they teach are leadership skills and English. Her hidden objective is to prove that she is effective if she can force a child to read a newspaper without any hesitation. Leaving them in a state of wonder. “My success story would be the time one of the collectors told me that my model of NGO is replicable around the world,” she said. “Communication builds a certain level of confidence,” she said. “Moreover, it is enduring! We are making efforts to reduce the number of dropouts. Our primary concern is with tribal and anganwadi areas. They are the ones who receive the least attention. For the majority of these children, a government school serves as a daycare facility. The majority of their parents don’t truly care about their kids’ development. I’ve noticed a lot of people considering enrolling their children in these kinds of schools in order to free up their schedules and go to work.”
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