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‘Last Assembly session for KCR’

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The demonic rule of the BRS in the state would end by the grace of Nagoba, Telangana BJP President Sanjay said. Sanjay visited the Nagoba Jatara on Sunday along with Union Labour Minister Arjun Munda at the Keslapur village of Adilabad district. He said that the forthcoming Assembly meeting will be the last one for Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and demanded that KCR should allocate funds for all budget commitments. “KCR, this is your last chance. You will not come back to power. You gave many promises like waiving of farm loans, unemployment allowance, Dalit Bandhu etc.

Allot funds for them at least in this budget and keep your word,” Sanjay said. He asked KCR to answer in the Assembly why he had neglected Nagoba Jatara. Declaring that KCR takes tribal people lightly, Sanjay said he tried to defeat tribal Draupadi Murmu in the last presidential elections.

He also did not fulfil his word to give title deeds for podu lands, Sanjay said. He said that KCR had conspired to link his assurance to give 12 per cent reservations to tribal people with Muslim reservations to ensure that reservations for tribals are not implemented.

KCR has also been preventing the development of tribal areas by not allotting funds, he said. If the BJP comes to power, it will organise the Nagoba Jatara grandly and make the country proud.

“We will provide free quality education and healthcare to all people. We will build houses for those who have no shelter and will provide crop damage compensation to farmers,” he said.

Sanjay conducted special pujas at the Nagoba Jatara. Officials gave a warm welcome to Union Minister Arjun Munda and Sanjay. Arjun Munda and Sanjay were welcomed by the Adivasis on behalf of the Mesram clan.

Due to the arrival of Sanjay, a large number of BJP activists flocked to the Nagoba Jatara. Later, he attended the Keslapur Nagoba Jatara ‘Darbar’ and addressed Adivasis.

Sanjay said that people from five states come for the Nagoba Jatara. It is sad that there are no facilities for the most sacred festival of the Adivasis. KCR will never come to this Jatara. No facilities are being provided for this great festival organised by the descendants of Komaram Bhim where slogans like ‘Jal-Zamin-Jungle’ are raised, he said.

He said that KCR paid tributes to Nizam’s grandson when he died in a foreign country and brought the body to Hyderabad and conducted his funeral with state honours.

Sanjay said that it is ironic that Nizam’s grandson who died abroad was buried in Hyderabad? with state honours while KCR insulted Komaram Bheem who fought against Nizam for the tribal people.

He said that if Prime Minister Modi is funding lakhs of houses why is KCR not building houses for tribal people.

He said that it is sad that the government has made only half-baked arrangements for the Nagoba Jatara although pilgrims come from five states for the pilgrimage.

Addressing a meeting Sanjay said Adivasis are still fighting for Jal Zameen Jungle. They called KCR a fool for taking away babies and putting them in jail due to the podu lands affair.

He said that BJP has got the honour of making eight tribal MPs Union Ministers and making an Adivasi woman the President.

He said that not even an acre of land is being irrigated by the Kaleshwaram project which was built at a cost of Rs 1300 billion.

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